# Benefit Description
GlovesGloves's are now available for VIP's in the !gloves command under the Gloves's menu. Own your custom hands!
Reserved SlotRight this way sir, no problem at all even if the server's full we'll make room just for you! Reserved slots will let you get straight into the action even when it's filled with plebs!
EmotesEmotes's are now available for VIP's in the !emotes command under the Emotes's menu. Dance!!
AWPVIP's now receive an increased AWP chance in Retakes #1 & Retakes #2.
VIP ArmourVIPs will receive both armor & Kevlar at the start of every round, on both T and CT. (Except Retakes)
Custom TagWant everybody to know that you're the "Best Aimer in ENW" or "Biggest Weeaboo 2017"? Do it in style with our custom tag system! You too can have a beautiful prefix to your name. All for free.
Credits x3You will earn three times more credits for usage in our store as a VIP.
Join SoundWhen VIP's join the server a short clip from a song will play, there are songs chosen by you with the !vipmenu command when playing on the servers, each month you can change your song if your vip subscription is still active.
Skins VIPYou will get access in the store Models skins players [VIP] for FREE!
Models KnifesYou will get access in the store Models knives customs [VIP] for FREE!
Hit MarkersWith the !hitsound command, you can choose a sound when hitting an enemy on the HnS server.
Grenade PacksVIP will receive 2 Smokegrenades & 3 Flashbangs at the start of every round on the HnS server.
Respawn MiniGamesIf you die in the first 50 seconds of the round and you will respawn on the MiniGames server.