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Found 31 results

  1. ALERT Buying VIP with skins

    I would like to buy VIP with skins which will be tradeable in a few days. Is this possible? Is anyone interested?
  2. ha clickbaited look how bad these cts are https://youtu.be/-Og0TzbH0K8 Abracadabra show urself who ever edited my post to say clickbaits are not cool
  3. ALERT Changes after staff meeting

    Here's a small log of what we've talked about in the staff meeting. \ Every first weekend of the month we have a staff meeting Rocket toss willl be turned back on (jailbreak) Please use the format provided for reporting a player (or staff). Mods will have access to the respawn command. Racism in chat/voip will first be issued with a gag/mute (500 min ish) followed by a ban if they do it again (several hours to a day ish). If someone changes their name/joins in with a racist name tell them to change name, if they don't listen kick them with a warning to change their name, after that issue a small/medium ban. I will be making these posts after every meeting so the community knows whatsup If any of you (players and staff) have idea's for the next meeting, please let me know and i'll make a list of it all EDIT: please no shit posting under this.

    As much as everyone loves bhop In ENW, the Bhop server really does not get played that often. And i wish people did because Its Mostly Not getting played Ever So Please if you do go on it that will be good. To Everyone. Peace Out
  5. ALERT Tracer Hitbox

    A lot of people are getting angry if they get knifed by a player whos model is tracer. I think the hitboxes aren't that perfect. Could it get fixed or removed from the store? Example: Rahim the Roadman: UR HITBOX IS SO BROKEN Rahim the Roadman: HOW BROKEN IS THAT MODEL
  6. https://gyazo.com/b105b4025827926700019737132dcc00
  7. ALERT Admin's so lazy

    All too lazy to lift their fingers and type, wont even give a freeday because it's to "complicated". Shouldn't be admin then. Never re-spawn either. (Doge - Trial Admin) - Never gives respawn after freekill
  8. We Need to do something about the lack of players on this server so share on multiple csgo sites and more Just a thing we could work on this community. So have a Nice day and piece
  9. I like playing on jailbreak servers, so I joined extreme networks to try it out. I was greeted with abusive wardens/guards and terrible rounds literaly staring at the wall for 5 minutes. They dont do nothing. You dont leave main cell areaa, the round starts and ends in main cell area with everyone rebelling. Good job!
  10. ALERT New server KZ (climb)

    hello we are glad to annonce you about the server KZ open now! IP : theses maps are ready with plugin Kz timer. it works prefect report me if you found bug have fun
  11. ALERT !WARDAY For HungerGames

    *PLEASE READ THIS ASAP* I've been hosting a few hungergames rounds on JailBreak the last few days. And I've seen people sometimes use !warday now to host hungergames themselves. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO DO THIS Half of the server gets killed of before the proper hungergames can actually begin. Because people who are hosting it have no clue what to actually do. If you do decide to use !warday to host a hunger games day, do it in these steps: Tell everyone that they're not allowed to leave cells, or attack / kill any CT's. Tell that the round is going to be a hunger games round, and that everyone has to listen for the instuctions. ''In a few seconds I'm going to enable !box which will allow you to kill your cellmates, you DO not have to, but you are allowed. Turn it off after a few seconds. Either open the cells and let everyone into armoury, or use !warday to keep them there (Don't do it for longer than 30 seconds, they're meant to spread around the map.) Set a location for CT's to hide in, T's are not allowed to come in there, CT's are not allowed to leave. Set a time that the HungerGames will begin, usually around a minute is recommended in order for people to find a good spot. Tell everyone they're only allowed to team with 1 other T. T's are allowed to stay anywhere (Including vents, medic, armoury & cells.) Enable !box, this time - keep it on for the round untill 2 T's are left. Set a time for HungerGames to extend, making the CT's ''hunters'' allowing them to kill and be killed. (Not by eachother obviously). If there's 2 remaining T's. Box will automaticly be turned off. Ask them to drop their guns, freeze and LR by a set time, if they haven't done this enable !box again. Some quick rules for everyone as well: CT's - CT's are not allowed to kill eachother. T's - T's are not allowed to kill CT's before allowed by the person who hosts the hungergames round. If you choose to ignore this post, and host a hunger games day using !warday which kills half the server, it will be counted as freekilling. I know it's a lot to read trough quickly, but HungerGames isn't easy to host, and if it isn't being hosted properly. It's boring as hell and noone is going to have a good time. I discussed this with @Instinct before posting naturally.
  12. ALERT Banned?!?!?!

    hello i tried to get onto the server 5 minutes ago and it said i was banned and just wanted to know why because i havent done anything wrong and how long thank you.
  13. ALERT Jailbreak Skins Giveaway Vote

    Soon there will be a giveaway on jailbreak with skins, this post is to find out what skins people want to be given away, you have 3 different options above in the poll. Vote for the skins you want and you might win them If the cheaper skins are voted and there is leftovers I'll be able to add another skin into the mix. Final vote here, max questions was 3.
  14. Some might have seen the penis knife Ringo requested. Now here is your chance to request something yourself! Put some suggestions in the comments and I'll see what I can do. This is more of less to show schwarz what I can do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Weapon only ( for now)
  15. ALERT Jailbreak Meeting 2.0

    Hello, on Friday the 26th of August around 6:30 PM GMT I will be hosting a jailbreak meeting to discuss the addition of new rules, a lot of the admins have been suggesting new rules and we have been discussing those in privately as the admins are the ones which have to enforce those rules but I thought that you guys should also get a say as you are the ones which are going to have to follow those rules. The admins will be having their own meeting at some point before this one so if you have any suggestions for rules please post them below so we can efficiently go through them in ours and then the admins can also discuss those. The meeting will be in teamspeak and in my channel on Friday the 26th of August around 6:30 PM GMT Current Rule Suggestions below so we don't get the same rules suggested more than once. This will be updated when more things are suggested. Please don't discuss the rules suggested in this post thats the reason why we are having the meeting. THE MEETING IS ON FRIDAY 26th OF AUGUST AROUND 6:30 PM GMT TIME IN MY TEAMSPEAK CHANNEL!
  16. Surely there should be a rule that cts cannot use the anti gravity jump boost then not allow t's to use it as it gives an unfair advantage this is the same as the jb_mist where cts cannot use the speed or jump boost as it gives them an unfair advantage.Also ct's use it to jump ontop of roofs and from there you can get outside map which is exploting or onto points which are impossible for t's to rebel unless they have a gun.
  17. ALERT Zombie Break

    I have been reading some reports on Valve, CSGO etc and apparently the APK Tokens of servers are being banned for false replication on CSGO people don't know whether custom skins falls under this , so warning if you make the Zombie Break server be careful what plugins you use , you might want to contact valve and see what's good and what's not.
  18. A lot of people have been confused about the Hungergames gamemode, how it should be hosted and what the actual rules are. After the Jailbreak meeting, I've decided to rewrite all the rules and explain how to host it (With African's permission of course ) Quick word about Hunger games: The Hungergames gamemode is a variation of Warday. Instead of fighting CT's against T's, This is a massive free for all on almost the entire map, where CT's aren't as much as involved as they are in a warday. I said almost because the warden can set an area where it's safe for CT's to be in, T's can't enter this nor kill CT's unless specified by the warden, but I'll get in that later on in the post. Explanation of Hunger Games. The beginning of the round (First Stage): Warden will explain the rules, where the safe area is. What you have to do and when !box will be turned on. T's will have a chance to possibly knife fight other T's in their cells, they do NOT have to fight. (This is also called the first stage of Hungergames) The grace period of the round (Second Stage): Once the knife fight period has ended, the warden will turn off !box. After you've potentially killed your cellmate, and you're still alive. The cells will open. You are going to run towards the armory and get your selection of guns. (You may also get TP'd if it's too hard / impossible to go into armory) Once you've got your guns, you can start spreading around the map, and find a good spot to hold off, or snipe from. (Whatever suits your playstyle.) Listen carefully when !box is turned on again. This is when the massive FFA begins. During he FFA (Third Stage): This is explained really simple, kill any T you see, and be victorious! The Final Stage (Fourth Stage): Once there are 2 T's left, there will be a small period of time where T's have the option to their last request, as they've both won the Hunger Games. If they do not LR in time, !box will be turned on again by the warden and the FFA will continue. If the T's don't LR in time, they lose their ability to LR afterwards, as it'd be unfair if a T becomes low health and suddenly decides to do gun toss in order to survive. The Rules Of Hunger Games. CT Rules: CT's are NOT allowed to kill eachother. CT's MUST stay in the safe area at all times, unless specified by the warden. (Also known as, extending the FFA). CT's can NOT kill T's at any point, unless specified by the warden. (Again, once the FFA is extended). T Rules: T's can NOT kill any CT's unless the FFA has extended. T's are NOT allowed to enter the safe area made by the warden, unless it's extended for at least 30 seconds. (So CT's don't get camped instantly) T's are allowed to team with 1 OTHER T only, teaming with more than one other will result in the entire team getting slain. General Hunger Games Rules: Do NOT talk over the warden at any point. This gamemode takes a long time often, so if the round gets delayed that might ruin the entire round. As it's a FFA, and there aren't that many places to hide / hold up. you are allowed to camp anywhere on the map. Please remember that all rules may change accordingly to how African and Medez want them to be. I recommend you recheck (ON ALL THE RULES) Every week or so to see if there were any changes made. This was just an example of what I think should be the basic rules rules should be like.

  20. ALERT VIP Custom Tags

    This post is for those who are using the new custom tag plugin: If you found doing the following: Including racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other derogatory terms within your tag ( + using other punctuation in place of letters as a 'loophole'). Impersonating any rank of staff. Using it to purposely insult or disrespect other players. Using it as a means to spam chat. Advertising. You will be punished accordingly including but no limited to being banned for the duration of your vip period.
  21. ALERT Jailbreak Meeting

    Next week Saturday (30/07/2016 NOT TOMMOROW) I will be hosting a jailbreak meeting which anyone can attend to discuss topics about jailbreak and get opinions from everyone admins or not. The meeting will be next week Saturday (30/07/2016) around 6:30pm GMT Time on teamspeak. Please say if you think the meeting should be later/earlier as it is not for another week and if the majority of people which would attend cannot attend the meeting will be moved later/earlier. Topic's Discussing New Rules Removing some of the unused lr's Removing/Adding Maps Forcing new people to stay T for a while before joining CT Any other topic's you should think we need to talk about reply here, message me on steam or ingame.
  22. ALERT Freekillers

    Could an admin get on the server as few people are freekilling and mic spamming Their names are Ursoh ✌@WINSmokers and G-Master @WINSmokers' Link to their profiles http://steamcommunity.com/id/urs0gamer123 http://steamcommunity.com/id/G-Master47/ Thanks
  23. ALERT !games restricted?

    Dear ENW Community, I have a quick question, is !games for VIPS in t's strictly prohibited. Thanks in advanced, m0e

    Is it possible to get an Admin into the Jailbreak server right now as there a few guys that a freekilling, ruining the round for others! Names are Tomahawk and Addicted Soul Thank you!

    I m glad to annonce you all players for new IP ENW locate in UK , more great for ping & power machine . Server Only Dust2 : Server Retake : Server 1v1 Multi Arena : Server Retake #2 : Server JailBreak : Server Deathrun : Server MiniGame : Server Bhop : Server Surf : Of course we keep always the original save from store bought , lists of vip , timer . ps : you can to press (in bar forum "Servers => Join Servers => choose one" direct to join automatic.