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    Quality shit post ?
  2. Returning as Owner

    Joram's reign of terror has finally ended
  3. Imfet Post Doggo Pictures Here

    SHat the fuck why u leave ?????? Bad doggo
  4. Christmas cheer

    Cheers https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=206548339&token
  5. EWN Christmas giveaway

    Weeks are trash <3weebs<3
  6. Christmas giveaway

    <3weebs<3 lord help me
  7. Shit ENW Says

  8. Add a word and make a story

    out of no where
  9. FIX shader model 3.0

    My computer at home has no gpu and I run 50 fps average . Stfu kid Idk I like Cato a lot and I'm willing to play an hour a day on holiday or somethin .
  10. FIX shader model 3.0

    Spend 70 on something ill use for only 30 days I think not good sir
  11. So Im at my grandads in Austrlia and he has a computer from 2009 . I downloaded steam downloaded csgo but when I tried to run csgo a black screen came up . 5 mins later it closed saying Computer does not meet system reqruirements . shader model 3.0 required. There is no gpu Does anyone know a bypass or a fix if there is one ? Thanks - Marcus I have directx version 11
  12. Special for weebs

    I read in police that it’s 30 days max for still opened and off topic is 14 if you get what I’m saying and like 3 months come onnnnn