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  1. [Video] Why KZ is the best ENW server

    Acctually jailbreak best server
  2. My Mum.

    Stay strong
  3. Promotions (AL & SL)

    Zeroh got Jb SL ???? Im sure no one expected that , how suprising :thonk: Gratz Dank and Zeroh though <3
  4. EnWGaMEeGiveaway

  5. Resigning from JBSL

    Bring back jb_obama and vipinthemix :) #zeroh4jbsl
  6. Back Deathrun

    im acc so happy . Thank You ! Im still gonna fight for sl If I get accepted xd
  7. Surf Combat SL

  8. Shit ENW Says

    T1 mija: also if you have the chance tell joram he is big gay T1 mija: also more importantly does he admit to being big gay Lunah: he didnt respond xd T1 mija: >:) T1 mija: acrually T1 mija: >:( T1 mija: he is now major gay T1 mija: overseer of the rainbow legion T1 mija: first of his throne
  9. How did you join ENW

    I joined deathrun about 3 or 4 years ago then I discovered the cancer that is jailbreak
  10. Promotions

  11. Returning as Owner

    Joram's reign of terror has finally ended
  12. Imfet Post Doggo Pictures Here

    SHat the fuck why u leave ?????? Bad doggo
  13. EWN Christmas giveaway

    Weeks are trash <3weebs<3