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  1. Promotion

    Gz m8
  2. Returning as Owner

    As long as you're not the worst man on earth stalin its all gucci
  3. Returning as Owner

    Heres the next dictator, best staying on the good side of you
  4. The new added jb plugin was great.

    I didnt like the plugin tbh with the right click for markers and stuff, however as he said the games was great.
  5. The new added jb plugin was great.

    I do agree the !games menu was great if you're talking about zeus day etc
  6. Surf Combat V2.0

    @Bagout123 I totally agree there
  7. Imfet Post Doggo Pictures Here

    Hope ur joking m8
  8. Shit ENW Says

    *DEAD* [Pug][Puggle] Kenolt : I have not done weed since 2017
  9. Surf Combat is open & new server?

    Lovely stuff
  10. Intel's security issue

    If only I knew about computers
  11. Intel's security issue

    I get shit FPS now nevermind with this fkn rip
  12. Shit ENW Says

    Mr Beaver :: fucling hell I can't even waxlk I am lagging so m,uchg as erll asd veib ng drunk
  13. Russian Topic for medez only

  14. New Surf Server poll

    Surf combat should be casual, once you die you are then spectating until the round ends.
  15. New Surf Server poll

    Nono, we need surf ski3 nova, surf ski 2, dust 2008 / dust 2015 rebel restistance all the good stuff