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  1. Today im going to Brno, Czech Republic for my first international DJ gig. If somebody is from Brno hit me up, I'm free all day for saturday! Want to meet some of you guys:)
  2. Shutter Island, The Prestige, Inception...
  3. Christmas giveaway

    <3 weebs <3
  4. PC Specs

    FX-6100, Cooler Master TX-3 cooler HD 6870 1GB VRAM M5A97-M Motherboard 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz ram 250GB SSD 1TB HDD --- upgrading to 1050ti and 7500 soon!:)
  5. KTAN 11/11/2017

    Or the minecraft map, I'm not really sure which one, but it has a really hard and long climb. The minecraft map with elevator game xD //its jb_moti_fix2
  6. !redie

    I suggest vip players get the command !redie when they die, which spawns their ghost when they are dead, and can freely roam around the map and play minigames. What do you guys think?
  7. Promotion

    Deserved! Congratulations Oggy, just keep on doing what you're doing! :D