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    I Am A Species Of Graphics Design From The Planet Capital Letters, (translated, i am a graphics designer who uses capital letters for start of each word, execpt this sentence.)
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  1. EnWGaMEeGiveaway

    why is riri the 4th comment, now i gotta like something she posted
  2. Shit ENW Says

  3. Shit ENW Says

  4. Custom VIP Models

    good point
  5. Custom VIP Models

  6. Food for Tea

    Because im Russian, Borsh with black bread 10/10 would disappoint my family again.
  7. Add a word and make a story

    And killed the
  8. Add a word and make a story

    The FireNation Attacked
  9. Add a word and make a story

    , cuz it was
  10. Shit ENW Says

    it needs to be pretty
  11. Promotion

    gg zeroh, we now have one more weeb ready for sl
  12. Shit ENW Says

    (shit ewn says) []=kid []=actions *gets told to swap for not knowing rules* i know the rules *hasn't ever read the rules* *gets forced into t by staff* WTF! I KNOW THE RULES, *rejoins ct* *gets warning & forced to t* *rejoins ct* *gets ct ban* OMFG *disconnects*
  13. Add a word and make a story

    watching instincts anime
  14. Add a word and make a story

    someone once told-me
  15. Add a word and make a story

    . This However Didnt