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  1. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    MG Removed mg_iceman_journey_beta1 Added mg_jahoukarail_2015
  2. How did you join ENW

    Back in the day I used to play on a minigames server called Team Secret-Force this is where I learned how to bhop. Some time later my old steam account got blocked until 2038. I got really pissed off because of this, and I stopped playing steam games for over 1 year. 1,5 years later I made a new steam account started playing cs and one of my friends (Quish) invited me to the ENW minigames server, I started playing again and after a couple minutes Lugia (Now called WeslyNae) said "Hey jopie do you remember me I used to play one Secret-Force with you my name used to be kip". From that moment I started to keep playing on the server and found out that some old friends from Secret-Force were playing on the ENW server and I started to like the community. This is how I joined ENW.
  3. Promotions

    Grats Hans and Silly Billy^^
  4. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    MG Added mg_iceman_journey_beta1 Added mg_minecraft_course_JB_N1 Added mg_Nebo2_Course Added mg_sohigh_course_csgo
  5. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    MG Added mg_kitty_course Added mg_ecliptic_v3
  6. Returning as Owner

    Welcome back Товарищ
  7. Promotion

    Grats aqua ^^
  8. Imfet Post Doggo Pictures Here

  9. Star wars series especially: Rogue one
  10. Promotions/Demotions

    Why papa :*( I will miss you.
  11. Do you have a knife ? And if u do what is it

    I have a Karambit Tiger Tooth (FN) & a Karambit Autotronic (FT) ^^
  12. Welcome to ENW

    Oh shit dat me
  13. Promotion

    Grats Jazz