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  1. KZ - Rules

    Added a rule.
  2. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    KZ Added SMJansson extension for GlobalRecords to fully function
  3. EnWGaMEeGiveaway

    the fourth comment of this thread
  4. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    KZ Added GlobalRecords plugin (3 parts) and obtained an API key (server still needs approval approved) -Added KZTimer-API plugin -Added GlobalAPI-Core plugin -Added GlobalAPI-Jumpstats plugin Cleared all cheated/exploited/bugged jumpstats
  5. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    KZ Updated KZTimer plugin to version 1.89
  6. Shit ENW Says

    [SourceComms++] JT: Issued an extended gag on JT for 1 minutes (reason: bad at csgo).
  7. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    KZ Added kz_2seasons_spring_final Added kz_conspiracy Added kz_exps_cursedjourney Removed kz_alouette Removed kz_bridge17 Removed kz_dontstop Removed kz_jumpspace_easy Removed kz_minimountain_fix Removed kz_nuckfoobs_n01 Removed kz_rise Removed kz_snowtrain_v2 Updated ALL maps
  8. Shit ENW Says

    7:56 PM - PizzaFromWalmart: i swear kids wake up 7:56 PM - PizzaFromWalmart: with a boner 7:56 PM - PizzaFromWalmart: IMMA JOIN JB 7:56 PM - PizzaFromWalmart: AND BE CT 7:56 PM - PizzaFromWalmart: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 7:56 PM - Dankhus: I see you're experienced. 7:57 PM - PizzaFromWalmart is now Offline.
  9. Surf Combat SL

    Grats man :D
  10. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    KZ Updated kz_free_ahful
  11. How did you join ENW

    I met a random guy called "Rayleigh" on an hns server in August 2016. We became good friends and he told me I should start playing on ENW retakes. Played there for a couple of months and eventually quit. Came back like 2 months later. He told me ENW made a new kz server. I got back into kz and played there way too much. I helped schwarz make the server playable, and eventually I got asked to become the Server Leader.
  12. Promotions

  13. NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    KZ Updated bkz_hellokitty_v2 Updated kz_christmas_fix Updated kz_epusbridge
  14. Minigames SL | Resignations/Demotions

    Make MG great again.
  15. Promotion