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  1. My Mum.

    No one should ever be put through that! Respect <3
  2. Tribute to Sunny D

    What's he up to nowadays?
  3. Promotions (AL & SL)

    GJ, both
  4. Dox yourself challenge

    Name - Noah Mom's name - Why would I say that? Dad's name - Nope, but he's bald Location - train Phone - iPhone (Samsung sucks)
  5. Surf Combat SL

    Grats, Aqua, water or H20. Idc
  6. Shit ENW Says

    -1 R.A
  7. Which football team do you support?

    Mr Jopie is an Admin he should know better #giveJopieawarning jk edit: can't defused or someone put 'your content needs to be approved' thing on old topics?
  8. How did you join ENW

  9. How did you join ENW

    One day i was working in gulag camp with bottles of wodka laying everywhere, and my best friend Vladimir showed my csgo so i went to my cabin and since then i played 24/7 csgo with wodka and cherry pirozhki all around me.
  10. Returning as Owner

    Communism will always exist, no matter what everyone thinks Поздравляю
  11. Promotion

    Gj doggo lover
  12. Add a word and make a story

    are in hell
  13. Food for Tea

  14. Intel's security issue

  15. Intel's security issue

    I don't know shit about my pc whether it is ram fps gb mb tb or power supply