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  1. What's your best pickup line?

    well said fellow comrade
  2. What's your best pickup line?

    if you want to be a dickhead or insult someone go to the youtube comment section instead, thank you
  3. What's your best pickup line?

    Here are some awful answers that i totally didn't steal from others. I give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle Hey girl, are you slime because you make my piston sticky Hey girl did you fall from heaven because so did satan
  4. How did you join ENW

  5. How did you join ENW

    One day i was working in gulag camp with bottles of wodka laying everywhere, and my best friend Vladimir showed my csgo so i went to my cabin and since then i played 24/7 csgo with wodka and cherry pirozhki all around me.
  6. Returning as Owner

    Communism will always exist, no matter what everyone thinks Поздравляю
  7. Promotion

    Gj doggo lover
  8. Anyone from Brno, Czech Republic?

    a steam friend of me is from czech imma ask him where he live edit: Prague Hlavni Mesto Praha
  9. Add a word and make a story

    are in hell
  10. Food for Tea

  11. Intel's security issue

  12. Intel's security issue

    I don't know shit about my pc whether it is ram fps gb mb tb or power supply
  13. Russian Topic for medez only

    here's two new video's for you. https://youtu.be/l1wVXYhVmTQ https://youtu.be/Mk7hn2YCcUU
  14. Russian Topic for medez only

    Russian hardbass and Russian edited video's are Fucking hilarious and pure gold
  15. Russian Topic for medez only

    https://youtu.be/JnSDA1N3WXw https://youtu.be/WEwuD3EBIiI https://youtu.be/SgmaZLQoIcU https://youtu.be/R8PMIuPgoTU