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  1. Custom VIP Models

    Most of the models were mostly ok, the hitboxes just being slightly out of place compaired to the models but the fact that they were even slightly out of place just gave people shit to whine and complain about. I do think it would be good to have it on the laid back servers, but only the models that closely mimic the hitboxes.
  2. Shit ENW Says

    Retakes machine broke: [Retakes] Retake A: 1 Ts vs -1 CTs
  3. Shit ENW Says

    "if i was hacking i would have been vac banned on csgo?"-x_Atzul_x
  4. How did you join ENW

    I joined Deathrun and liked the community... and the cancer radiating off the server which eventually lead to it being too contaminated for safe use and shut down. I also liked the community for easy post farming.
  5. EWN Christmas giveaway

    weebs are trash Now this is something I can get behind.
  6. Christmas giveaway

    I aint typing that shit, I don't care if it is for a game, that shit aint worth it...
  7. Shit ENW Says

    [ENWsBestHvHer] </Kasper> : i dont have cheats [ENWsBestHvHer] </Kasper> : only hvhcheats
  8. Add a word and make a story

    aswell as Exotic
  9. Add a word and make a story

    than the weeb
  10. Add a word and make a story

    , how to nercopost
  11. KTAN 11/11/2017

    Even better reason! Also JB, ouch...
  12. New models players & Halloween

    always get rid off anime models thankyou
  13. November's Event!

    Lies, I sense lies!
  14. Monthly Events!

    KTAN/KATWN on DR! :P
  15. Mist

    Bye Mr Roadman may you have many tracksuits.