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  1. Promotions (AL & SL)

    Congratulations to @Dankhus, our new Admin Leader and @Zeroh, our new Jailbreak Server Leader! Do us well ladies! Can't wait for the memes
  2. What do you mean "7 day connection time"?

  3. Dox yourself challenge

    Name: defoosed Job: tapping kids on retakes
  4. Custom VIP Models

    How did you manage to put ‘fun’ and ‘jailbreak’ in the same sentence?
  5. Shit ENW Says

  6. How did you join ENW

    I joined retake and signed up because Joran got staff.
  7. Promotions

    Congrats to @HansENW & @Silly Billy on becoming Admin, enjoy!
  8. Shit ENW Says

    Way to take it out of context smh Dankhus: What is "but" supposed to mean Dankhus: Like butt? defused: no defused: Have you never seen the word but defused: before defused: But im gay defused: Like that defused: no? Dankhus: Oh yes Dankhus: But you're supposed to say something after it Dankhus: Not just leave like my dad
  9. Shit ENW Says

  10. Shit ENW Says

    *Bhops to dodge bullets n kill deej* deej: FUCK OFF U FUCKING RABBIT deej: leave me alone
  11. Christmas giveaway

    <3 weebs <3
  12. Promotions/Demotions

    Congrats to @Mr. Jopie & @.:Galaxy:. on becoming Admin & our new Bhop Server Leader, @Budgie. We have also decided that @°lewis will no longer be a Moderator for our servers due to no activity for over a month and no replies to any messages. EDIT: @PaPa-LaGs has also decided to resign, goodbye o/