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  1. Back Deathrun

    No Ethereal, No Fun.
  2. Which football team do you support?

    Imagine necro-posting this hard HyperLUL
  3. How did you join ENW

    You are trying so hard its actually painful. Cringelord
  4. EWN Christmas giveaway

    Weebs are trash......Gibe
  5. Removal of player models in BR?

    To the people voting no: Its not fun having a flying rayman (Which you can't hit) coming at you and destroying you. I really feel player models are out of place in a server like battle royale much as they are on retakes.
  6. REQUEST Allow giving free runs

    The t's enjoyment comes from using the traps effectively to win the round if the players of deathrun cannot understand this they are better off on a bhop server. Tbh if giving free runs was to be allowed i would stop playing the server all together as it would no longer be a challenge as i could literally walk the entire map and finish. Getting better at a map without interruption? Sounds like a BHOP server. i guarantee if this were allowed alot of the community would get bored very quickly (Those actually there for the gamemode anyways) Either way this rule is one of the fundamentals of the whole deathrun gamemode and i'm not comfortable with it changing because of a few people complaining about it. Edit: The point farming would kill the rankings of the server. also by doing this removing the free run rule we would have 2 bhop servers and on one of them one player had to stand still for an entire round at a time. Now does that sound fun to you? Standing doing nothing for a whole round?.
  7. REQUEST Allow giving free runs

    It RUINS the fun of the gamemode. i really hope this is a troll post because i dont see where the logic can come from your brain must be flawed. it baffles me how you cannot see giving a free as a lack of sportsmanship and takes away from the fun. You might as well play fucking bhop if you want constant "free runs". All in all this post angers and confuses me please never say anything like this ever again.
  8. REQUEST Styles on MG

    Don't be a smartass.
  9. Why u break me fav map ;_;

    Learn to play deathrun properly how it was meant to be played. One trap change to balance it out and stop constant speedruns is not bad.
  10. Deathrun

    dr_tagia_weeaboo_v2 is glitched it just crashes.
  11. My Admin Forum

    Hello I am Pikachu and I want to apply for a admin forum of ENW deathrun.

    I have been playing this server for a long time and about 3 h a day

    I am  currently 19

    I know all the exploits including the water trap [lol]

    I know most of the admins = Yourself, blel , I am shit at csgo and csgo reaper and maybe I think scott

    I am fair and trusted guy I hate racism and will report anyone

    I am also fun [If I do become admin] I will sometimes do  drug rounds or maybe low gravity/high.

    I am fairly good at bhop [ over 1 year of practising]

    I like rolling too :)



    Your sincerely PiKaChu



  12. VIP

    if it isn't broken don't fix it.
  13. MAPPING Old Boobs

    Finishing the map in 5 seconds using exploits really defeats the object of the game mode (Castlerun_ff). Exploits aren't allowed for a reason.Yes it does take map knowledge to know them but it ruins the game mode for anyone trying to do it legit when people exploit.
  14. Battle Royale

    +1 good application! BR is really fun an i would like to see this added!
  15. Jailbreak Meeting 2.0 Summary