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    Presents a new take on DarkRP Launching at 9am GMT Sunday 14th January with a massive bonus to gains and lots of chances to win VIP and other fantastic prizes - you can join us by typing: "connect" into console!
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    i joined enw when i created this community
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    back in the day, i was on deviantart looking for pokemon inflation, and there was this guy called Instinct in the comments or something. I was interested by his profile pic so i went on his profile, and in his description it said he was an admin on 'Extreme Networks' so i guess i went on it and here i am today
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    Here's an up-to-date list of the shit I do and fix on DarkRP / wherever Joram let's me in the hopes that at some point it can be used as evidence for a Developer app. [ADDED] - denotes a particular feature fully implemented onto the release branch. [REMOVED] - denotes a particular feature fully removed from the release branch. [ALTERED] - change made to a released feature on the release branch. [FIXED] - bugfix applied to an implemented feature [In Progress] - denotes a feature that has had some progress made, it's almost in a workable state but is not yet on the release branch. It may be found on the development branch. Log So Far: 11th Jan 2018 [ADDED] DarkRP - Variable cocaine prices [ALTERED] DarkRP - Cocaine prices are now varied on 2 tier system. 1 in 20 chance of producing high quality cocaine ($5-10k) as opposed to regular ($900-2k) [ADDED] DarkRP - City navigation signs [REMOVED] DarkRP - NLR Notification System (with a view to remove the NLRule from the DarkRP Rules) [FIXED] DarkRP - List of jobs which can rob Police Armoury [FIXED] DarkRP - Bank Robbery allowed jobs/required jobs [FIXED] DarkRP - Money Stack ($500k reward) has job requirement fixed. [FIXED] DarkRP - Bug where anti-propminge system would ruin Fading Door materials [REMOVED] DarkRP - APG, APAnti [ADDED] DarkRP - Anti-Cheat beyond GAC and VAC. [ADDED] DarkRP - Anti-Cheat additional player-side Lua scans implemented. [ADDED] DarkRP - Anti-Cheat playerview capture. [ADDED] DarkRP - MOTD with rules. [ADDED] DarkRP - Plant Marketplace [REMOVED] DarkRP - Serious Businessman [FIXED] DarkRP - Military player models (T-Posed) [FIXED] DarkRP - T-Posed Breen [FIXED] DarkRP - T-Posed Eli [FIXED] DarkRP - General T-Pose resolved for future problems [FIXED] DarkRP - Crash when certain jobs were selected in F4 menu. [FIXED] DarkRP - Excessive sign spam at spawn removed - because Joram complained >:( [ADDED] DarkRP - Special Chat-Tags for Owners - Joram, Medez, Schwarz. 12th Jan 2018 [ADDED] DarkRP - Thirdperson (!thirdperson or /thirdperson) - as a gift to Joram. [ADDED] DarkRP - Meth Cook and Meth System [FIXED] DarkRP - Meth Entities [ALTERED] DarkRP - Hostname and hostname system 15th Jan 2018 [ALTERED] DarkRP - Salaries of Government Officials substantially to increase playability. [ALTERED] DarkRP - Property Price is now $200 per door. [ALTERED] DarkRP - Gang members can now do damage to one another. [ALTERED] DarkRP - Money Reset courtesy of Joram [FIXED] DarkRP - VIP Autogiver [In Progress] DarkRP - Fishing System to give additional non-malicious job options (will be on par with one of the drug systems (probably cocaine)) [In Progress] DarkRP - Smartphones [In Progress] DarkRP - Smartphone App to control IEDs [In Progress] DarkRP - Smartphone App to contact Police/Paramedics [In Progress] DarkRP - Prime Minister is determined through periodic election campaigns. [In Progress] DarkRP - Nuanced Economy that responds to the amount of money in circulation. [In Progress] DarkRP - Prime Minister problem-scenarios. Choose a response, invest to give services more money at the cost of the overall economy. [FIXED] DarkRP - Cocaine Lab now produces a lot more money than it did [In Progress] DarkRP - ULX Immunities [In Progress] DarkRP - some dedicated, fully complete properties that are permanently given to a player/gang. Recurring fee to the owner. [In Progress] DarkRP - Fires and fire system - implemented/hooked into the entity's explosion methods. Will require firefighters. [In Progress] DarkRP - Complicated Heists similar/akin to PAYDAY heists. [very raw] [In Progress] DarkRP - Metal detectors for weapons for government offices/buildings. [ADDED] DarkRP - Sign indicating that you can't enter PD unless you're Government. No healing for you! [In Progress] DarkRP - Citywide Bus transport - because who wants to walk everywhere.
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    Congrats to @HansENW & @Silly Billy on becoming Admin, enjoy!
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    I think this is the worst post I've ever seen
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    I joined, got freekilled by pankrankles
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    MG Added mg_iceman_journey_beta1 Added mg_minecraft_course_JB_N1 Added mg_Nebo2_Course Added mg_sohigh_course_csgo
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    Don't worry he's only just getting started, You'll see some real cringe soon
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    I joined ENW Gungame on css. Then saw the !hop command and connected to jailbreak. Then I became one of the squaky kids on it
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    💪 medez 💪 is 💪 a 💪 batty
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    When I do have the time to return to my role my first priorities will focus bringing JB back up to scratch.
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    i searched bhop in the community servers search bar and deathrun came up so i joined to learn how to bhop and still dont know how to
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    I joined Jailbreak and I just hated the community so I got staff to ban them
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    I joined retake and signed up because Joran got staff.
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    MG Added mg_kitty_course Added mg_ecliptic_v3
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    Comrades, I have returned from whence the fascist threat dwelled victorious, striking a grand pose with hammer and sickle in hand and a shining red star above my head. I look to my welcoming party, my brothers-in-arms from across the pond - Comrade Joram, with his capsalone and windmills, and Schwarz, with his large baguette and sexy facial hair. Upon striding forth into their arms, I pulled them close and whispered under my breath, "Comrades, I'm back." The Vanguard Party is back to its full strength comrades - may the revolution continue evermore
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    Thought I’d test my macro like Austin on a server and stumbled upon ENW
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    *Tips Fedora* Good eve Idiot-chan. *Grabs hand and kisses it* Let's go for a fine dine Mwoof.
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    I got a chew toy and some dog buscuits if you want them?
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    You are trying so hard its actually painful. Cringelord
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    I met a random guy called "Rayleigh" on an hns server in August 2016. We became good friends and he told me I should start playing on ENW retakes. Played there for a couple of months and eventually quit. Came back like 2 months later. He told me ENW made a new kz server. I got back into kz and played there way too much. I helped schwarz make the server playable, and eventually I got asked to become the Server Leader.
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    I first joined Deathrun played it for a while, got bored and I wanted to play something else so joined JailBreak. This is where I first found out about this horrible cancer called "anime".
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    I joined dust2 24/7 and votebanned myself 3 times bringbackdust2
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    I joined jailbreak and I just liked the community
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    I joined jailbreak and I just liked the community.
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    KZ Updated bkz_hellokitty_v2 Updated kz_christmas_fix Updated kz_epusbridge
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    Forum: Updated to Invision Power 4.2.7 Surf Combat: Added an anticamp plugin
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    I played DR and realised how cancer everyone was, so banned anyone who wasn't as cool as me if you don't know what DeathRun is I won't blame you, that is an ancient civilization that disappeared long ago.
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    I joined jailbreak and regretted it
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    Gratz Hackerman and Previous Admin Silly
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    I think you meant Kapsalon faggot <3
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    Shame it was deleted, the games and the menu functions were really good. I'd love to see them back, some things about the plugin were really annoying though.
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    @Aqua has been promoted to admin, congratulations DoggoKek
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    the same vanguard party that kicked you out because you went to one meeting, you fake communist piece of shit
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    If you pass a dpd van on the way let me know cuz I got something and it has been in the Czech Republic for 3 days
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