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    I don't even know where to begin. I guess the best place would be to start 7 years ago on the day that my mother passed away on 21st January 2011: It was a normal morning and my mum normally wakes me up but my dad woke me up with tears in his eyes. He stood over me and put a light hearted smile with tears streaming down his cheeks and holding my hand to get me out of bed. He looks at me and starts crying even more, I was 9 at the time and I didn't know what to do but just hug my dad. I haven't seen my dad like this, he is a strong tough courageous person who I look up to, even to this day. I remember him holding me tight and just whispering "Everything is going to be okay, your mum is in a better place" which i just didn't understand. I wen't downstairs just to see if my mum was making me some breakfast like she always does after waking me up to find nothing but my favourite cereal on the table that my mum bought a couple of days back. I sit on the table and wait for my dad who walks with tissues in his hand and tells me to eat quick we need to go to hospital. We get in the car and all i remember is how quiet my dad is. I remember exactly how weak my dad looked. I haven't ever seen my dad to this day that weak, it was as if he has been striped of everything that defined him. We get to the hospital and i sit in the kids play area while my dad goes of to see my mum's room. (Flash Forward, the next couple of days were just people visiting and coming to see if we are alright) The funeral day was painful. I remember how i went up to see my mum lying in her coffin and just to realise how beautiful she was and how her hair was braided neatly along her shoulders. How her lips were soft and thin. I just stood there for 10 minutes and kept saying "mummy". No response and i just kept trying and trying when it hit me. She died. I know how ridiculous that sounds but I was only 9 at the time. I started to ache and start crying for an hour and holding my teddy named "Rodlo". (Flash Forward today) My mum's birthday was yesterday and I always buy a gift on her birthday and keep it just as if I had my mum around. Yesterday i bought her a candle which had the meaning of "Mum" on it: A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children. She is the backbone to everything about the child by providing everything she is able to help her children. I have been crying for the past 2 days of how painful that meant. I haven't been mentally stable for anything, i even couldn't handle college. One guy thought it would be funny to start laughing at me today at college by saying "aww get a life kid". I punched him right in the neck and I was kicked out of the class for sometime and had to talk to my tutor which was a massive piss take. I might be on ENW for sometime and i will have my times were i am really angry for no reason and just have a go at everyone for no reason. i apologies in advance to anyone if i offend you. I might stop using my mic for some time as i could be crying. Thanks, Duck3E
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    I decided to make this video for my 500th post. I featured some funny moments from KZ into it, and also put in 2 songs that were sung by Sup Bitch on the server. (I put the 2 whole songs into it without cuts, meaning it might be a bit lengthy to some) Don't take this too seriously. ez advertisement
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    Fixed grammar on some rules. CT Rules: • Added rule: "CTs must have at least 1 successful round before a games day is allowed. (Successful is defined as either getting to LR, or finishing the round in a game)" • Tweaked rule: "To be a CT you must have a fully-functioning, clear, audible microphone and be willing to warden." • Tweaked rule: "You are not allowed to continue playing games to kill non-rebelling terrorists whilst there are 2 left. An exception for this is that a terrorist has to reach a finish of a game. (For example: Deathrun, lasers, RLGL). If 2 Ts are remaining while there is some rebellers, the non rebelling Ts are to be guaranteed LR." T Rules: • Added rule: "Once a T has killed a CT, they are considered a rebel for the remainder of the round and are not allowed to surrender for that round." General Rules: • Added rule: "In order for a vent cell to be considered a special cell, the vent must be accessible. (For example, if a vent is not open or able to be opened, that cell is no longer considered special)"
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    This is just btec jb gameplay. If you wanna hear real singing you should hear tiny ricko
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    Server JB Added plugins Coins (old plugin from kriss) , Zeroh is working to add each map , take it long time . be patience :) "rarities" { "common" { "name" "Common" "Colour" "bluegrey" "weight" "70" "Credits" "100 250 300" } "uncommon" { "name" "Uncommon" "Colour" "blue" "weight" "20" "Credits" "400 500 750" } "rare" { "name" "Rare" "Colour" "red" "weight" "8" "Credits" "1500 2000 3000" "Weapons" "weapon_flashbang weapon_molotov" "Abilities" "highjump doublejump speed(1.5)" } "Very Rare" { "name" "Very Rare" "Colour" "orchid" "weight" "2" "Credits" "3000 4000 5000" "Weapons" "weapon_healthshot weapon_hegrenade weapon_taser" "Abilities" "highjump doublejump speed(2.0)" } } Only Teams 's T can pick them . 1 or 2 coins spawns each round & min 5 players online
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    At this time we do not know when the 5v5 tournament will be happening, but right now it is being put on a temporary pause. Your teams will be saved and the channel kept, but right now it's not possible. We will keep you posted on progress concerning this and other events. Thanks, The Leadership Team
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    KZ Disabled flashlight plugin Added CommandsList plugin (thanks @Galaxy) Added bkz_fear4 Added kz_11342 Added kz_bhop_nothing_go Added kz_cousucks Added kz_erratum Added kz_forgotten_fix Added kz_gallus Added kz_grate Added kz_grey Updated map difficulties
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    your laugh is always the best! xD LOOOL
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    JB Removed: jb_tropical_island_v2
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    Surf: Plugins: Disabled Flashlight (because I copy dankhus)
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    He has really bad alopecia so he's too self-conscious to come out
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    I'm hearing Lionel Richie in the background.
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    Supportive community @Zeroh @DeeJ , FeelsGoodMan
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    Fally Is A God, He Hit The Best Long Jump Ever
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    Keep your head up, respect <3
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    I went deaf in the first 10 seconds of that video
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    Thank you. <3 Thank you as well <3
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    No one should ever be put through that! Respect <3
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    Sad to hear man, hmu if you need <3
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    Hmm. Ignoring the other stuff, your knife name is... interesting :?
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    Congratulations to @Dankhus, our new Admin Leader and @Zeroh, our new Jailbreak Server Leader! Do us well ladies! Can't wait for the memes
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    Surf Combat Maps: Removed: surf_speedarena
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    Finally #Zeroh4Sl Gratz on both tho
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    Was hoping Zeroh getting SL was a meme
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    Congratz bois! Well deserved (jk)
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    I remember telling zeroh he’s never gonna get mod :/
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    14 Year old AL. 15 min required age for mod... :thinking: Grats though Dank, look how far this boy got you :') you are growing up fast.
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    Servers Retake Added sm_pistol in console or !pistol in chat , menu pistols that you can choose it max 10sec when started round ps : you can use bind "x" sm_pistol . more easy to use it for play. thanks lot to @Galaxy is doing a developement plugin .
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    Hello everyone, Earlier today, Budgie ended up on the KZ Global ban list. After looking at the ban information, and verifying with one of the KZ global admins, it was clear that the ban was obtained while playing on our KZ server, and that it was in fact an injected cheat. Budgie will therefor be demoted from his Admin rank, and permanently banned from the servers. We want to thank Budgie for his (long) service, but the journey at ENW ends here.