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    MG Added mg_kitty_course Added mg_ecliptic_v3
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    KZ Updated bkz_hellokitty_v2 Updated kz_christmas_fix Updated kz_epusbridge
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    MG Added mg_iceman_journey_beta1 Added mg_minecraft_course_JB_N1 Added mg_Nebo2_Course Added mg_sohigh_course_csgo
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    Comrades, I have returned from whence the fascist threat dwelled victorious, striking a grand pose with hammer and sickle in hand and a shining red star above my head. I look to my welcoming party, my brothers-in-arms from across the pond - Comrade Joram, with his capsalone and windmills, and Schwarz, with his large baguette and sexy facial hair. Upon striding forth into their arms, I pulled them close and whispered under my breath, "Comrades, I'm back." The Vanguard Party is back to its full strength comrades - may the revolution continue evermore
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    Forum: Updated to Invision Power 4.2.7 Surf Combat: Added an anticamp plugin
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    Added back the Store Fixed chat !credits