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Found 6 results

  1. We have decided to make a Minecraft server...with the help of @Jamie😬 Although this has been memed throughout the community a lot we are pleased to announce the new ENW Factions server. If you want to support the server by getting ranks and other goodies you can do so by going here http://enw.buycraft.net/ At 3pm today, Friday the 27th of March everyone will be able to access the server through this IP: The server is running on version 1.8 (note- anyone can join up to version 1.12), this may annoy a few people but this version is best optimised for the Factions gamemode, PVP, more competitive play and plugins are all better optimised for this version of Minecraft. What we offer for you Note- Pictures/screen grabs linked below We have worked tirelessly over the past couple of days to make the best server possible for you guys, we have custom coded a multitude of plugins and world edited the map to make it best optimised for newer players to factions. Custom things we have added for everyone include: KOTH or 'King of the hill' which means once every "x" minutes you will have to go to the "KOTH Tower" and claim the point, upon claiming you receive a KOTH key which can be used to unlock a KOTH crate. Note- If you die with the KOTH key you will lose the KOTH key to whoever killed you We have Custom warzone drops called 'Envoys', so this means that once every "x" minutes 15 crates will spawn around said warzone with goodies in them We have custom bosses which you can kill to get prizes out of; these prizes include Tier1 keys ranging all the way to super rare prize of a Rank note We have over 20 Gkits you can obtain by either going into the buycraft store or getting lucky in game! We have a wide range of custom enchants which you can obtain through exp in game to make custom armour sets with! We have custom Items like chunk breakers which destroys every single item in a set chunk or super pickaxes which clear a 3x3 area when you mine with it. We also have custom generators to make building your base a lot easier! We have a wide range of crate keys which you can purchase from the buycraft or obtain in game which have a load of awesome goodies in them! We have custom armour sets which you can add enchantments to for ‘Godset’ PVP We have custom made our own duel arenas for PVP combat, this can be accessed by doing a simple /duel command so if you want to test your pvp skill and don’t want to lose any gear or power you can do so there Rules/Guidelines/Basics You must follow all basic ENW rules, this includes no racism or homophobia, no toxicity and all other generic rules. Faction’s sizes are limited to 8 players, which means you and 7 other players can hop in a Faction and make a base together. The faction sizes are limited to this as the server can only hold around 60-75 players max at one time so this makes it so it's way more competitive. Each player has 100 maximum power, in Factions 1 power !=! 1 land claim, one land claim = 1 chunk or a 256 block tall 16x16 segment. A player loses 10 power by dying anywhere outside of a safe zone (note that you cannot die in safe zones hence the name, just added that to point out you die anywhere, you lose power). Your power replenishes by 10 power every minute or 1 power every 6 seconds. Each faction is allowed to Ally with 3 other factions, but you're only allowed to make a base with your faction members, meaning allies can only be used for combat/support purposes. Betraying your allies/faction is a bannable offence as it ruins the game for other people. https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/the-beginners-guide-to-factions/ Note from leadership team Bans and punishments on this server are completely separate to the rest of ENW, if you bring drama from Minecraft into discord or the game server's we'll punish you as normal, everything in this post is subject to change, any problems PM one of us as usual. (also Jamie wrote the majority of this post so if it's bad English don't blame me) Happy mining gamers!
  2. ★ Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (MW) ★ TO ENTER YOU MUST: - Like this post! - Comment Your Trade URL You can find it here https://gyazo.com/21cc88bb387e275b9f33a4af4b512050 Winner will be drawn on 05/07/2017 (No I am not doing this for likes or +1's) Edit: Changed the drawing date won't be able to roll on the previous date (12/07/2017) Edit of the Edit: I decided to draw now It now reason: no time
  3. Beaver


    Like to enter (100% not a like whore) for the chance to win nothing.
  4. How to Enter: Post a number between 1-50, make sure the number hasn't already been chosen Rules: YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 POSTS ON THE FORUM The winner will be drawn in 48hrs or after 50 people have entered. Liking the post is not needed, but highly appreciated. I know its bad but its a free knife right?
  5. Some of you already may have read it in the shoutbox, but I will create this topic for you to be able to see it at any time. The colder months are approaching, and so is the lovely Christmas. I am therefore going to do a giveaway in December. The item will be: M4 Asiimov BS (FT/MW look) and maybe some nice goodies for those who do not win the Asiimov Cheers, Bellybuttonplayer
  6. Dylan

    Skin Giveaway

    Sooo, I'm going to give away a few skins I have.. Five-SeveN | Kami (Minimal wear) StatTrak TM M249 | Magma (Factory New) Mp7 | Urban Hazard (Factory New) PP-Bizon | Cobalt Halftone (Minimal Wear) MAG-7 | Heaven Gaurd (minimal wear) Negev | Bratatat (Well-worn) AUG | Radiation Hazard (Minimal wear) So what do you have to do to be a participant in this giveaway? Well reply below. I will add all your names in a random name picker and pick one per item. If you won an item, please add me on steam (dylan_source) So I can give you the item. I will pick people @ 1st of October. Peace out!
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