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Found 6 results

  1. Not a single post here, disgraceful. Well guys, do tell, what books, manga, comics etc are you all reading? I'm currently reading; Akame ga Kill (Manga) Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) Naruto (Manga) Prison School (Manga) Shinigami sama to 4 no Kanaojo (Guess what? More manga) Zombie Survival Manual (By Sean T. Page) Porn mags because I like tits. They're all pretty good reads. But yeah, what're you all reading? Reading the same thing-- What are your views on something? Post post.
  2. Crowii

    Rigs&Set ups.

    Alright, gentlemen/gentlegals. What rigs are ya' using, and what set ups do you have going on? Images are a must so get uploading! Comment if you'd like a spec list. And yes, I am a handsome, sleep-deprived fucker, thank you. Ily2. INCOMING LARGE PICTURES! Rig: Set up:
  3. Just a thread for if you're looking for someone to team with on any other games you may be playing. I for one need someone to watch my back on Heroes and generals as I've finally got the correct rank and sniper rifle. I also need someone who doesn't suck at Dead Island: Epidemic. (I always finish with like, 50+ more zombie kills and 0 deaths to other players) SO, what are you playing? Want a friend? Post below!
  4. Hey guys. I've seen one or two players joining the surf asking if it's had an RPG mod, wanted to share a link to a mod and ask your thoughts on it. I'm not particularly a big fan of RPG mod but I think it'd give something for the players who play all the time something to look forward to. I think it'd be something fun to at least have a look in, if not adding it to the DM surf, perhaps with enough funds make a RPG Surf server, I don't know. Link below: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=226746
  5. Alrighty, straight off the bat, I think we need a few more surf maps, it's my second day on Extreme Network's surf server and I'm already dying from the same maps. What I personally would like; http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/168516 All the other maps I don't care about but would enjoy to play; http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/cats/7237 Any maps, guys, I don't mind, but if Xdream got added I'd cry with love. <3 Make it happen fellas.
  6. I had a little bit of a flash back today. I've been CS:GO surfing for 4 days now, and the first one or two servers I joined, you could get crates/skins etc like when you complete a normal competitive game. I was wondering, anyway how we can add that? I feel like it'd give some people a reason to continue on our servers. "Come here mate, play some surf, earn some guns, keep 'em, enjoy yourself!" I can't remember the server which gave crates but it had a pretty cool song playing when you loaded in. This one, actually.
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