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Found 110 results

  1. let vips edit rank on forum rank = http://prntscr.com/loqc2s make our tags unique with exceptions like taking staff roles mod etc
  2. This suggestion is aimed at all our servers as it causes us to lose money via ad revenue. I am suggesting we make it so players cannot connect if they have ads disabled on csgo, but also have a link(To the forums with a post explaining how to turn ads down without disabling them) when it kicks and tells you that you must use the command that turns ads on to join. Personally, I think this would be beneficial for ad revenue as many players turn ads off, and players tell other how to turn them off, not turn them down completely, although some people complain about frame drops during ads, it isn't that bad therefore I think this would be very useful. Kind regards, Austin
  3. Server(s)/Application(s): Retakes #1 & #2 Short summary: As seen before quite a while back Schwarz added a !WS plugin which meant you could put any skin you wanted on any weapon. Description: The main benefit would be that your guns are very customizable but the drawback would probably be the amount of time the plugin takes to set up. I am not quite sure how hard it is to set up but I think it would largely benefit the community on retakes.
  4. Recently, when playing jailbreak when you are shot you will be moved backward. For instance when a CT is warning shooting a T they T will move back. This happened to me and I accidently shot a T into a pit where he died. I don't know whether this is on purpose or an accident but either way I personally don't like it. Also for the past couple weeks, some players have been able to "pickup" others by knifing them. This is supposed to be an admin tool but is somehow glitched. I don't know how this could be caused but it is annoying. Thanks Kenolt -Pugs-
  5. Server(s)/Application(s): Micspam Short summary: Plugin that automatically mutes someone for a minute if they speak in the first minute of the round for too long. Description: I think this could be used against mic spammers when no Staff Member is online and if there is a staff the staff won't have to worry about anything and the plugin will do most of the things for them. (Can't exactly remember but there was a plugin already created like this instead it was for 30 seconds but I think it should be increased to a minute and a half to allow the warden speak freely and give commands for example 1 t encourages 10 t's to mic spam " FREEDAY! " . -Spray
  6. I think that this map will benefit everyone in the Jailbreak community as everyone has been begging for more minecraft maps. I think it would be great if the map I have linked could be added. Everyone has been wanting more minecraft maps and I think that this would be a great addition! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=738849333&searchtext=jb+minecraft
  7. I'm making this post to share an idea for a specialty game mode. I've seen Pruppet* messing around with the idea of a "Balanced Warday" and I thought that was really cool. The idea I had was to make some sort of "Boss Fight" game mode where one ct is teleported somewhere on the map, with increased HP, Size, Reduced movement speed, etc. Then is given a weapon of some sort, maybe something close range like a Nova, Sawed off, or even just a knife (If it was just a knife he would have to be given slightly faster movement speed and maybe a jump boost) ... After this one ct is tp'ed the rest of the players are switched quickly to T, then teleported to armory to gear up. This game mode could be played when there is around 15+ players, making a 14v1 or something along those lines and adjust the boss health according to the amount of players. It sounds like an interesting idea, and of course you could experiment with a lot of different combinations of Hp, speed, weapons etc. or even make a random generator type thing for the boss stats. Let me know your thoughts
  8. Hello, I have played on ENW for about 4 months and before I did I used to play on an old community that fell apart. In this community they had very similar servers and player base; however, they had a Zombie Escape server. This was one of the most popular servers on the network coupled with Prison. I enjoyed the Zombie Escape and I believe, if done correctly, it could be a fun server to play. Custom skins, knives etc.. as usual can be applied which will benefit VIPs and returning players. However, my one main concern with this is, the Zombies couldn't have the normal skins ie. Bikini Girl, Sweetooth, Deadpool. Instead they could have variate versions of zombie skins. I don't know whether this would be possible. Anyway, stop myself side tracking, I would like a Zombie server to come to Extreme-Network and maybe the community will too, tell me what you think! Thank You for spending your time to read this. -Kenolt-
  9. Hi people of the forums, Harry asked me about lowering the allowed ping on the retake servers a day or so ago (I lost my track of time) and asked me if it was okay to lower the allowed ping.. which in my opinion should reallly be done.. (The max allowed ping was fucking 2000 thus way to high...) and he asked me if it was good to change it, however I don't think I can say it due to not having any type of SL for retakes so not granting me permission (I think..) to say so. He said he'd change it and that he was gonna make a post about it later.. BUT considering i'm bored as fuck at night and don't know what to do with my life (or what is left to it because interwebz owns me) I decided to make the post.. So people of the forums and fellow comrades, do you think it'd be acceptable to lower the ping to 150 ish? This'd mean people from the US/Canada ect. can still play but kicking/not allowing people to join in with higher ping.. this can be very frustrating sometimes especially on a game mode where you're supposed to be able to hit someone like in competetive.. but they just keep lagging back and forth ect.(which btw the hitboxes on the servers are fucked.. and we can't seem to figure out why.. so idk if we can fix that.. and trust me that's not someones aim or whatever it's worse than mm and whatnot.. literally shooting people up close in the middle of their noses and getting a bodyshot or shooting someone like 10 times getting 2 hits registered (just to give you an idea)). Please leave a comment with your point of view on this. thanks for reading my ramble and i'll see ya later.. PEACE (cringy youtube outro 101)
  10. Hey people of the ENW's. Me and a couple of friends of mine who also play on ENW servers have been playing ARK for quite a while together now and I thought that MAYBE it'd be nice to get a ENW ark server setup. Normally I wouldn't of suggested it, but since we also have an arma server I thought.. why not give it a shot? Servers are in my opinion pretty cheap to run and ARK is also, a lot of fun! (cheeky line ayy lmao pls kill me) Let me know what your thoughts are on this and if you're willing to play it or whatever thanks for reading this lads, may you have a good day/night ahead of you. Edit: In addition to this, ARK is very active and players stick around to the server/community if they're being treated well and with respect. ARK has a loyal community.
  11. Klytos


    I got banned by instinct 2 weeks ago and it has expired a few days ago. But i still cant play on the server can any admin help me?
  12. Please could we make it so that CTs can't give the command to Ts "Crouch at all times" as it can be very annoying, and it seems pointless really. This makes it so that a T isn't allowed to type a message as this would make them uncrouch and be given a warning shot. @Instinct
  13. Zeroh

    Vote ban

    Considering that we have vote mute and vote kick on the servers at the moment, I think it would be a good idea to add voteban, but only for the VIPs so it wouldn't get abused. If it were implemented it should be so that most VIPs in the server have to vote on the player getting banned rather than every single VIP. This would work well with the amount of rule breaking that happens on jailbreak (only server I can really comment on) and votekicking/muting doesn't really have any long lasting consequences.
  14. Remove: Denial (lets you keep guns after death) Fire Pistol (hard to aim with the flame particles on your screen) Nerf: Health+ at Level 5 you get 300 hp a bit over powered maybe like 12 hp per upgrade BouncyBullets (Knocks you back)
  15. I have a request to be unban from ct, i have been banned for no full reason! Please fix this and unban me, thankyou!
  16. I think making the ENW surf timer server into a surf combat server would benefit the server greatly. Because when i first started playing CS:GO before i came to ENW i used to play alot of surf combat and i think a surf combat with no spead is just relaxing and when you get in to it and start enjoying it it becomes a really fun time with freinds. Also everytime i have refreshed my community servers on CS:GO i see maybe 1 person or a couple on the surf server this is why i thought changeing it might refresh the server and maybe bring alot of new people to the ENW community.
  17. I would like to change my steamid linked to my account swapped to my new account. About a year ago I had an account which was banned for csgo skin changing even though that doesn't give an "unfair advantage" I was buying an elective hive through the community market because opskins wasnt accepting paypal at the time what I do is add my paypal buy something and remove it so steam doesnt catch on that I used to have a vac account with the same payment i couldnt buy the electric hive and contacted steam support and they "updated my information" a couple days later and i am now banned STEAM_0:0:141898842 is my new steam id
  18. If you post in the admin section it will get deleted. I don't see how that's fair since admins have to obey the same rules we do. Or so that's the way it should be.. *cough cough*. So we can report players publicly but we can't report admins. Why is this? Do you not want to make the server look bad?
  19. Maybe make a plugin for jailbreak that chooses a random ct to be warden? That way we'd end up with a warden every round and no freedays when people refuse to take warden.
  20. Make cts not allowed to go into vent unless they see someone actually go in.
  21. Zeroh


    Just wondering, I wanna buy VIP for dust2, when will the dust2 VIP be available?
  22. Although I feel like the votekick and votemute are necessary, I feel like the players are abusing the new commands. Due to being on the server earlier, I noticed people were voting to kick and mute people when there was an admin online at the time. I think its better for admins to be the only ones with permission as if someone does one thing wrong they get kicked from the server? I understand people have mixed views on this I just want to put my opinion forward about it:) I think it got removed the first time due to something similar hapening and I fel like if it's there there should be specific rules for people to follow (etc only votemute if someone is micspamming)
  23. I think hitboxes collisions (i didnt realise) should be enabled on the dust2 server, it'd make it more like actual competitive and would be great for things like trolling runboosts for example.
  24. I think we should be seeking (and maybe making ;P) some maps atm, as currently, we have gotten too familiar with this THANKS!
  25. I was playing Call of Duty Hardpoint Gamemode and then an idea came into my head. If ENW can make a server dedicated to Koth/CP I don't know if it's just me that thinks it's a good idea or not. The maps wouldnt be hard to make probably if I practiced a bit of making some simple maps I could try and make a few. Yours Sincerely ~Kasper
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