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Found 21 results

  1. Removed Chat color (store) cause not working in CS:GO
  2. Greetings, Extreme Network! I am very excited to announce that we will be sponsoring a Jailbreak Mapping contest. ENW, along with 10 other communities, have pitched in to host a mapping contest. The mapping contest takes place on Gamebanana. If you're interested in participating, please read below. Rules: Every submission must be a playable Jailbreak level for CS:GO! Entries must be submitted onto the site (GameBanana.com) and tagged as a contest entry before the deadline. Entries must included the banner shown in the description somewhere in the map where it is clearly visible to everybody. If you really don't want to use the banner, you can implement the all the logos/text that are on the banner in another way. Just make sure the logos are still clearly visible. If the entry is uploaded to an external site, it must state that it was created for the CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest. Entries must support up to 64 players in the map to fit all servers. Submitted content must be considered "Original", entries should not be rethemes, version 2's or copies of other jailbreak maps. The submission can use pre-existing assets such as existing models and textures, but enough work should be done to consider the submission a 'new release' made for this competition. Simply re-uploading a previous piece of work will not count. Don't use other people's content in your map without permission due to the fact that you could win money with their content in your map. This includes ported content from other games. Content from official CSGO maps is fine. Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity. Each entrant may only win a maximum of one (1) prize. Team based entries are allowed, but the entrants will have to decide and agree on how to split any prizes awarded. Entries cannot be modified after the deadline except for changes to the submission profile (changing the description, notes or screenshots). Judges cannot enter or assist entrants. Judging: The activities for the prisoners will be important part of the judging, both in the quality of them and the quantity of them. New and well made activities will score well. The design is also a notable part of the judging, so make sure to consider the visual aspects when making your entry. The originality of the map will also be valued. The gameplay should be fun and interesting for both teams. Prizes: 1st Place: $400 2nd Place: $225 3rd Place: $110 4th Place: $85 5th Place: $60 You may join the Discord here -> https://discord.gg/VCrj9pJ The deadline to enter your map is: Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 @ 7:55 PM EST
  3. Lumi

    Vip JoinSounds

    As Previously stated i have decided to ask you guys for some vip sounds which you would want for the servers. After a talk between myself and ruizu we have decided due to the current amount of vips we decided that each vip will be able to choose one song they wish to have, yes this means more songs will be downloaded but after the compression they are already small enough files for most internets to download in a split second. If you wish to have your own custom song on the server please follow the format: In Game Name: Steam-ID (64bit): e.g 76561198276907793 Song: (youtube link) Time Stamp: Vips will only be allowed to change their song once a month, this will not be tracked however you will need to send me a pm on discord regarding a change in music so i will know If you don't already have vip you can purchase it here from as little as £2 https://www.extreme-network.net/vip/ Again any song considered to be against community guidelines will not be added. You are free to send your song down below and i will be adding them soon
  4. Blade

    MG and JB KTAN!

    IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER KTAN! This weekend there will be 2 nights of KTAN - please vote for your preferred days. For those that weren't here last time, KTAN is essentially players vs staff on one of our servers for 3 maps, this time it's Minigames and Jailbreak! It will consist of staff on one team, and regular players on the other, in a laid back event with the chance of winning some prizes. The winners are decided by the players with the highest score for the 3 maps COMBINED. PRIZES 1st place - 2 Months Global VIP + Discord Nitro Classic Sub 2nd place - 1 month global VIP 3rd place - VIP for 2 servers of your choice. We are also looking for 3 maps to play for each KTAN, please leave suggestion below or message me on discord!
  5. We have decided to make a Minecraft server...with the help of @Jamie😬 Although this has been memed throughout the community a lot we are pleased to announce the new ENW Factions server. If you want to support the server by getting ranks and other goodies you can do so by going here http://enw.buycraft.net/ At 3pm today, Friday the 27th of March everyone will be able to access the server through this IP: The server is running on version 1.8 (note- anyone can join up to version 1.12), this may annoy a few people but this version is best optimised for the Factions gamemode, PVP, more competitive play and plugins are all better optimised for this version of Minecraft. What we offer for you Note- Pictures/screen grabs linked below We have worked tirelessly over the past couple of days to make the best server possible for you guys, we have custom coded a multitude of plugins and world edited the map to make it best optimised for newer players to factions. Custom things we have added for everyone include: KOTH or 'King of the hill' which means once every "x" minutes you will have to go to the "KOTH Tower" and claim the point, upon claiming you receive a KOTH key which can be used to unlock a KOTH crate. Note- If you die with the KOTH key you will lose the KOTH key to whoever killed you We have Custom warzone drops called 'Envoys', so this means that once every "x" minutes 15 crates will spawn around said warzone with goodies in them We have custom bosses which you can kill to get prizes out of; these prizes include Tier1 keys ranging all the way to super rare prize of a Rank note We have over 20 Gkits you can obtain by either going into the buycraft store or getting lucky in game! We have a wide range of custom enchants which you can obtain through exp in game to make custom armour sets with! We have custom Items like chunk breakers which destroys every single item in a set chunk or super pickaxes which clear a 3x3 area when you mine with it. We also have custom generators to make building your base a lot easier! We have a wide range of crate keys which you can purchase from the buycraft or obtain in game which have a load of awesome goodies in them! We have custom armour sets which you can add enchantments to for ‘Godset’ PVP We have custom made our own duel arenas for PVP combat, this can be accessed by doing a simple /duel command so if you want to test your pvp skill and don’t want to lose any gear or power you can do so there Rules/Guidelines/Basics You must follow all basic ENW rules, this includes no racism or homophobia, no toxicity and all other generic rules. Faction’s sizes are limited to 8 players, which means you and 7 other players can hop in a Faction and make a base together. The faction sizes are limited to this as the server can only hold around 60-75 players max at one time so this makes it so it's way more competitive. Each player has 100 maximum power, in Factions 1 power !=! 1 land claim, one land claim = 1 chunk or a 256 block tall 16x16 segment. A player loses 10 power by dying anywhere outside of a safe zone (note that you cannot die in safe zones hence the name, just added that to point out you die anywhere, you lose power). Your power replenishes by 10 power every minute or 1 power every 6 seconds. Each faction is allowed to Ally with 3 other factions, but you're only allowed to make a base with your faction members, meaning allies can only be used for combat/support purposes. Betraying your allies/faction is a bannable offence as it ruins the game for other people. https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/the-beginners-guide-to-factions/ Note from leadership team Bans and punishments on this server are completely separate to the rest of ENW, if you bring drama from Minecraft into discord or the game server's we'll punish you as normal, everything in this post is subject to change, any problems PM one of us as usual. (also Jamie wrote the majority of this post so if it's bad English don't blame me) Happy mining gamers!
  6. schwarz

    Project & new

    Hey well I m thinking about the servers surf , not Really populars . We ll stop it run , are you okay ? server surf will become what mod ? Post here about the new mod . about the store , new modules are coming very soon! Please stop to speak if will be blacklist etc , I m owning it . Have fun , Thanks
  7. Harry

    New Senior Admin

    Congratulations to @FitZ_Mário as he is our new senior admin. I'm sure he will fit this role like Nail's feet in his trusty pair of clogs. Good luck Mr Mario.
  8. Kweey has informed me that he has fallen out of love with our community and he no longer wishes to be a moderator. Thank you for your work I hope to see you around still.
  9. schwarz

    new server

    hello! since i 've worked new server about ZE but i don t have much time at the moment , i just look at forum SM , there are great new plugin called : DUEL 1v1 IP : look at bug? tell to schwarz thanks , have fun
  10. Hello i m glad to annonce you all for new page project for remember it . https://trello.com/b/oj9sxSYd/extreme-network we just try it
  11. schwarz

    Back Only D2

    hello we are glad to annonce you about the server Only D2 re-opens now! (remplaced by Battle Royale) IP : Mode : Compétitive report me if you found bug have fun
  12. Harry

    New Server

    Ladies and gentlemen.. The time has come, to provide, to feast, to enjoy.. ENW presents to you... ENW's Arma 2: DayZ Overpoch Server! written and edited by Sir Mikey This is going to be a long post, so only read it when you've got the time. What does this mean? - What is Arma / DayZ? Why Arma? Who will be taking care of it? The Community. What's next? How do I join? 1. What does this mean? We're getting our very own Arma 2: Overpoch server! For those not familiar with Arma, or with Overpoch (Modded DayZ), Arma 2 is a military simulator. And DayZ is a very big modification for it. Your basic goal is to survive, by any means neccesary. That's what DayZ originally brought to the table. Zombies, Guns, Dehydration & Starvation. You were to start out on the coast, check your surroundings to find your whereabouts. And start going from building to building, trying to find a weapon, food, medical supplies ect. Once you got some basic supplies, you wanted to head up north, as there are less people there, and better gear. However, the people that were there, were also more skilled and had better gear as well. So you always needed to be careful, no matter where you are. Over the years, the DayZ mod started to develop. Custom gamemodes were added which were similar to DayZ, and great maps such as "Namalsk" and "Taviana" were published. The basic DayZ mod started to become boring to people, your only enemies were zombies and other players. Sometime during the development of these custom mods, 2 very special ones were published, "Overwatch" and "Epoch". Epoch added basebuilding to DayZ, and Overwatch added an absolute shitload of new weapons to DayZ, as well as missions, custom zombies, ect. Eventually Overwatch and Epoch were merged together, and "Overpoch" was created. To this day this is a very popular mod, as it adds a lot of excitement to the game. You have custom AI missions (with actual AI who know what they're doing, unlike CS:GO ), Basebuilding, Safezones, Tradercities, AI Bases which you can raid, and a lot more depending on the servers! Now with Overpoch, you goal was not to ''survive for as long as possible''. But you actually have a goal in it, earn currency by trading with other people / AI, doing missions for special supplies, and with all of that you can make your base ever so strong! 2. Why Arma? I have been playing DayZ for years now, since the vanilla mod came out. However, suddenly on one day. Our lord @mEDeZ messaged me; "Is Arma 2 any fun?" he said. I ofcourse answered with enthousiasm, as it turns out our lord and saviour was looking for a survival game. Not just another shooter. I suggested he should play DayZ, after some research, he started playing it together with @Harry. After a few days I joined in as well, and we've been having such a great time. There was only 1 issue, none of the servers really filled our desires (This many players, this many zombies, those addons, ect). So me and King Harold started talking about it, we came to the conclusion that CS:GO can get rather boring sometimes, and it would be a great idea to create our own server, and expanding our community in great deal by doing so. After praying, and offering a sacrifice to our god @schwarz, we all agreed that this was something that we wanted to happen. So after doing our fair share of research, here we finally are! 3. Who will be taking care of it? @mEDeZ, @Harry and @Mikey will be the first ones who will take care of the server. There is a lot more to an Arma server in comparison to CS:GO. As for now, only we will be the only ones with admin acces and permissions on it. Read further on this chapter if you're intrested in gaining acces on the server / applying to get it. "I'm currently admin on ENW, and I want to gain acces on the Overpoch server, what do I do?" Send a PM to Medez, Harry or me - we will discuss with eachother wether we think you're able to be a responsible admin on Arma. Keep in mind that this isn't a normal ''admin job''. If you were to abuse on CS:GO, banning / slaying everyone. It could be sorted out quickly. This is no simple matter in Arma. People spend weeks / months playing a server to get exactly everything how they want it, if they were to be falsely banned, stuff taken away. Or you'd spawn yourself stuff in, it would take hours of work to sort it out. Hence why we don't grant everyone permission on this server. "I'm currently not an admin on ENW, however I would very much like to apply for it!" You will have to apply for admin as you normally would. Clearly state you are interested in becoming in an Arma 2 Moderator. If you want to apply for both Arma and CS:GO, also clearly state this. - If you want to apply just for Arma 2 Moderator; the three of us will go over it, and discuss wether we think you are fit to be an Arma 2 Moderator. Keep in mind that if you are to get accepted for this, you will have no permissions on the CS:GO servers. - If you apply for both CS:GO and Arma 2; the application will go as it normally would. You can either get accepted for both, or just CS:GO or Arma 2 Moderator. So it is possible you don't get accepted for the thing you'd preffered to be admin on, please keep this in mind. 4. The Community There won't happen anything too special with the community (Besides that it hopefully will get bigger). Once the servers are up and running - different topic sections will be created on the forums where people can post fun stuff about Arma, DayZ. Seperate report topics shall be made as well. Again, besides this nothing out of the ordinairy will happen to the community. 5. What's Next? We've already done a great deal of research, and we are about to start. The server will be purchased within 2 days from now. (Probably friday). Then we will start preparing it. We are most likely going to spend the entire friday night working on all the plugins and addons. We also need to contact a few people / companies about certain issues. If everything goes to plan hopefull the server will be up and running Saturday / Sunday. Research about the prices the servers are gonna cost. [ ✓ ] Done Contact Bohemia about the donations and server monetization. [ ✓ ] Done Write all the rules down. [X] Still needs to be done. Work / Add the plugins and addons to the server. [- ] Working on right now Estimated time that the server will be published: Next week. 6. How do I join? As I've said, there's still a lot of work for us to do. We don't want to release an unfinished server. Once the server is up and running, the IP will of course be provided. On the other hand, if you don't own your copy of Arma 2 yet, I highly suggest you get it! It's 20€ on steam. But you can get it for around 6€ on Kinguin or G2A. Buy "Arma 2 Combined Operations" (This has the main game and the DLC needed for DayZ). Go to https://dayzlauncher.com/ and download the launcher. From here, you can search "ENW Arma 2 - Overpoch", the server should show up then. (Not yet, of course.. ) Click on "Join Server", this will automaticly download the mods needed and installs them on your Arma. That's how easy it is! If you purchase "Arma 2: Brittish Assault Forces" and "Arma 2: Private Military Company" you will get a graphics enhancement for clothing and weapons (scopes). We are really enthusiastic about the new Arma 2 server, and hope you are too! If you have never played Arma / DayZ, we suggest you give it a try - it's a lot of fun!
  13. mEDeZ

    An update on ENW

    Sadly, I have to let you all know that Blel as resigned as Deathrun Server Leader. He says that he has simply lost interest in CSGO and after a while of not being to get back into it, he wants to move on and free up the position to any other takers. If you would like to apply for the position, please do message me privately via a forums PM. Also, I would like this chance to congratulate Ragnarok, Crukt and Budgie on getting the rank of Server Leader for Battle Royale and Bhop! Good luck to them all <3
  14. Norm

    Custom Tag Site

    Greetings, Our beloved Mr. Joram has been hard at work producing a site for you, the people, to create your custom tags for in-game chat. Give yourself a pat on the back Joram, you deserved it! Back on the wagon... this tag is a conduit to your conceptions. Here is a quick guide: Goto this site Before you login read the guidelines. Don't be naughty. Choose the tag tab and choose your chat and name colours. For the tag itself this is the format: {colour}text {colour}here Colours: https://github.com/KissLick/ColorVariables/blob/master/csgo%20colors.png?raw=true Remember: You must be VIP to use the tag The cost is 1 token You can use !colours in-game unlimited times for your name and chat colours It's a one time purchase
  15. A new plugin has been made for Minigames that will automatically respawn VIPs within the first 20 seconds of the round if they die. This is for you guys. made by Joram (many thanks <3) Edit: @admins now that this is a plugin please try and stop respawning. This is no longer needed. Thanks
  16. Hey all, There is a new tab in sourcebans! it shows the CT banned players of jailbreak. That's all, really. Message to admins: When you ctban someone, please specifiy a reason. E.G. "/ctban <target> <time> <reason>"
  17. mEDeZ


    Because of his recent great work with creating new plugins solely for the community, Kriss has been promoted to Developer and a member of the Leadership Team. He will continue to lead the Bunny Hop server too, so if you have issues you should still contact him! As always, we're looking for more members of staff. If you know anyone that might want to be involved in such a way, please do get them to sign up on the forums and properly join the community! Cheers,
  18. schwarz

    SSL & website

    Hello everyone, When you're reading this, I am sure you have seen some appearal changes. For the people that pay attention to detail, you might see a green lock next to your URL bar. Schwarz and I have been working pretty hard to get it there. Now my question (rule) to all of you is to use HTTPS images, video's, etc. The old topics we will leave as it is, but any signatures; avatars; etc, must be changed to HTTPS links. Why? Because if you don't, the SSL has no point, there will be mixed content and the site will not function properly. I already hear the question, "Where do we upload https images or video's?" YouTube for video's Imgur for images Or another website you find that uses https Now moving on, Schwarz and I have updated to forums to a newer version (4.1.11). This caused plugins and theme's to become incompatible. We are not sure if we're gonna keep the current theme, we'd like to hear what you guys say. Please report any issues you find, either to me or schwarz concerning the website. Oh and before I forget, no we can't revert to the old theme, it's incompatible. Joram Add by Schwarz : Theme will be chang bit later . This next week i will work about the new servers csgo coming soon. for the signature is disabled , i will prune all of your signature , you can add your new signature with https!!!!
  19. Dylan

    Admin demotions

    With our regrets, we are announcing the demotions of the following admins: Draekstien - Inactivity. You may reapply for admin if/when you are active again. Joe - Forum Inactivity and a clear lack of knowledge of server rules. You may reapply in one month's time. Nathaniel - Inactivity on both servers and forums. You may reapply for admin if/when you are active again. Access to admin powers has been taken away already, this is an official post to inform both players and the listed admins. Regards, The Staff team
  20. Pruppet

    Staff Update

    Hello Community, lately there have been changes to the staff team. As first, Madara aka Hellsbadass has stepped down from the co-owner position due to personal reasons. We all thank you for all you have done and we wish you the best! Secondly, Schwarz has put me in charge of co-owner to help him with server and forum related stuff. Sooo, this means that soon it will be recruited a new Admin Leader. That's it, brief and concise. <3
  21. schwarz


    Hi all I have much news for you At first maybe move to new ip , means moving to new machine more best , etc. Possibly more servers and costs more low than the moment! A professionnal hoster ( bladez) do to work busy with the machine , settings etc i don t do it nothing , i will work only gameserver , i like that . New server zombie escape is already online for test , Wil open server surf classic ( new ip) we will Look what Happen . Of course i will transfer VIP and admin if confirm to move etc that is no problem Thanks again canceled it .
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