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Found 6 results

  1. ☆VIP GIVEAWAYS☆ Hello All, Orange Here After playing on the server for a few months, I've seen alot of people that play frequently and do not have VIP. So, every month, I have decided to give people the chance of getting a month of VIP for free. All you have to do is be on at the time of the draw, which I will post as a reply to this (The Time of the Giveaway). However, it's only available to those who I've seen on the server more than few times. I ain't giving it away to no one-time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -- And of course, people who are Currently VIP'ers at the time of the giveaway CANNOT win. When you win, I will contact you via steam and/or in-game. VIP of course will give you access to everything on the server store, and more (!aura etc..) When you win, I'll message you to find out your steamid (!steamid in chat will bring up STEAM_1:1:12345678). That's all I need and within 15 minutes of winning you'll have access! I've already done one giveaway this month, but it was kind of uncoordinated... StatTrack was the winner! When you win, your name cannot be picked out the following month. This does mean you can still be picked out in alternating months if you're extremely lucky! I hope to see you on there, and good luck! ~Orange~
  2. I think everyone who is active on deathrun is aware of this issue. The 5th trap of family guy map ( The one with the moving platforms) is often very hard to pass. Why? When the moving platforms reach the end and you wanna jump off, you'll find yourself getting slowed down by something. I dont know what this is but often players fall through the tiny gap at the end falling into the trap and dying. It seems like everyone knows this and nothing is said about it cause everyone accepts it for some reason. Im accepting it aswell but its still very annoying and something should be done about it. (Maybe temporarly remove it from the map pool until its fixed?) Cheers, Instinct Oh my god this is the wrong section, how do i delete this?
  3. I have a suggestion about song which starts when you join on deathrun server... Fort Minor : Remember The Name So I have a suggestion about new song.. which is "You sping my head right round" ... i think it is a good song.. and it is striking and easy to remember.. i think if someone plays on server and remember this song.. he will sing it whole day..... I think first 25 seconds will be okay to start on server..
  4. Hello...I think it would be a great idea if deathrun has a camper timer.. I mean.. When "fast players" and bhop-ers die... There always stays a boring players who are not bhop-ing .. and do not even worry about others who are waiting the next round.. and they can't bhop the trap/ or don't know to bhop... .. So they just wait.. and they are trying to fool the Terrorist with fake jump... (on their position) .... I saw that many players who are waiting more than 1 minute.. are already typing "!votekick" ... Because they are bored to wait some low player to just wait until the terrorist activate a trap ... So i think it would be great if counter terrorist have a timer.. for 5-6 meters...So they need to move.. and they must try to fool terrorist.. not just standing... I also saw that some mini admins are motivating CT's with timer bomb.. so they get panicked and move... but what would be if there isn't any admin on server?? So, i want to see if anyone gives a + to this idea... because it is boring to wait a player just standing... it would be better if he has a slay timer.. so he need to jump or die.. so there wouldn't be any standing.. and camping.. and the players who went on WC .. or afk.. the timer would slay him, so players wouldn't need to kick him...
  5. Please can we have betting back in to the deathrun it was the best part of the sever and lots of people loved it
  6. As those who play will know on deathrun there are many maps that just suck! 1.I thought that it might be a good idea if a new server was made and dedicated to the few maps that the community very much enjoy so that new /bored players can try out all of of the maps whilst the more experienced players can enjoy the maps and really master them. 2.This second idea may not seem so interesting as the other option however i still wanted to add it in, i was thinking because deathrun requires map knowledge so that you can get through all the traps it may be a good idea to have a second server where either one person can chose whatever map they want and just keep trying to complete it and learn the traps or it could just be everyone in it but again no T so you can learn the map without having to wait! I know from experience that running servers isnt always easy so one option that could be taken is to create these servers however only allow access to people who have donated because by doing this the amount of people donating may go because they get access to this awesome new server and at the same time the owners are getting a bit of $$$! This was just an idea i had for extreme network to keep gaining more and more players but also more money so that they can keep up all of the awesome servers! -GumP
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