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Found 16 results

  1. Not a single post here, disgraceful. Well guys, do tell, what books, manga, comics etc are you all reading? I'm currently reading; Akame ga Kill (Manga) Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) Naruto (Manga) Prison School (Manga) Shinigami sama to 4 no Kanaojo (Guess what? More manga) Zombie Survival Manual (By Sean T. Page) Porn mags because I like tits. They're all pretty good reads. But yeah, what're you all reading? Reading the same thing-- What are your views on something? Post post.
  2. Crowii

    Rigs&Set ups.

    Alright, gentlemen/gentlegals. What rigs are ya' using, and what set ups do you have going on? Images are a must so get uploading! Comment if you'd like a spec list. And yes, I am a handsome, sleep-deprived fucker, thank you. Ily2. INCOMING LARGE PICTURES! Rig: Set up:
  3. I'm unsure if you can simply add another title in the store by copy and pasting, then re-writing a line of code or not. But it'd be pretty nice to have some custom titles for VIPs, as long and they were not inappropriate. BigBoss is what I wanted. :') There's always a slight chance if this was possible, it'd bring a little more activity to the forums, at the very least just some VIP members posting for some custom titles. Thoughts on this? Yay or nay?
  4. Tried to sell his m4a4 asiimov, stupidly gave him the asiimov first, never received payment. Lesson of the day; do not trust Russians
  5. Any chance at all we could find an updated version of the gun selection script? I've seen a few people mentioning that you can't select the M4A1-S, only M4A4. (Confirmed, I just got an M4A1-S skin and really wanted to use it) Also, when playing as T you cannot get a USP-S as a pistol, it will select a P250. Is there a version which fixes this?- Or a plugin that enables a buy menu at the start of every game so people can buy the guns they have selected in their loadouts? <3
  6. I'm just browsing through plugins and this made me laugh. It's pretty much just upping the amount of blood by like, 100% https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=193002 Possibility of some extra "bloody fun"? I'm also leaving a link to the URL with a few plugins if you wish to look, there's a few interesting ones such as Trip mines C4 (Purchasable terrorist bomb) Weapon jams Purchasable gun skins (Hurray, now everybody can have their Awp Dragonlore! For the right price!) All kinds of little goodies you may or may not want to consider adding to one or two of the servers. Thoughts on these? I'd quite like to set up trip mines in surf, take care of those pesky jail campers.
  7. HELLO ENW! We should totally do a secret Santa for Christmas! If anybody is in, here are the rules. I will make a notepad, saying who has a present, I will mark down (for example; Dylan) Nobody will receive more than one present. Everybody will receive one present minimum. Nobody will not receive no present. Each present must be have a value of $3,00 or higher value, just so we all get something nice, but not too expensive for those with funding problems. If you're in, and would like to tell me who you plan to gift for the event, comment "I'm in!" below, and send me a message with the name. Should the person already be taken, I will notify you. Sound good? I'm in! EDIT: I shall make the names of who is marked here. Marked: Construcker. Schwarz Crowii Zorex HellsBadass Bluechainchompa Cloud
  8. I was wondering if sometime a but of ENW member would like to play Heroes and Generals together, kick some nazi ass? <3 Should be fun with our little shenanigans. Heroes and generals is a free to play MMO WWII game, and it's on Steam! Look it up. c: I'd totally love to go spraying Springfields at people w/ ENW buddies!
  9. Today we have hit a milestone in Extreme Network. The new generation of admins have just been accepted. Feel joy, Schwarz, Hells, Zorex, Joram, Cloud, Dylan Prophet, China_fury, you're now the oldfags. <3 Love you guys, party on. ~Crowii
  10. Crowii

    4Chan died.

    R.I.P 4chan, Moot killed ya' good. As some of you may know, 4chan is literally dead. Something about some SJW's (social justice warriors) finding Moot's house and threatening to kill him if he didn't change the staff to SJW staff. Now everbody is getting banned left right and center? Where will we take refuge now, you ask? 4chan.org 8chan.co PRAISE HOTWHEELS FOR RE-BIRTHING CHAN, we're back, with the original rules! Enjoy the corrupted sight filled w/ some messed up stuff, my deluded friends. <3
  11. Random thread to discuss how we're all doing, plans and goals, etc. I'll start. At the moment I'm doing two jobs, one is a warehouse job which pays £8 p/h, however is only a three week contract. (I work from 22:00-6:30) The other job is at a Christian bookstore/Café, where I get an apprenticeship wage. (£102 or so p/week) I went for my interview today and I smashed it, they'll be getting in contact with me soon, and said there's a possibility I may become the head of their digital library! Exciting stuff for me. So Crowii, why are you doing two jobs? Well, a few weeks ago a lady friend and I began dating, she's an extremely delightful person to talk to. (we have all kinds of strange conversations) We've been dating now for roughly two weeks, and I'm bombing in two jobs to save and go meet her for Thanks giving. (Flying from UK to USA for ten days or so) her family have organized a list of things we'll do, since they live in Arizona, visiting the Grand Canyon is a sure thing! Picture of the pretty lady; https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/10569046_693602100722589_1125341052642818425_n.jpg?oh=435b33f8063fa2e94b9a87a103553fe9&oe=54C7AF3A&__gda__=1418837171_3ddb7b60071e4d770ab5ab4e3b2373bc So I may be inactive for 10 days around late November, but what's going on with you guys? TL;DR, Crowii has two jobs, he's going to America to meet his GF, getting laid.
  12. Just a thread for if you're looking for someone to team with on any other games you may be playing. I for one need someone to watch my back on Heroes and generals as I've finally got the correct rank and sniper rifle. I also need someone who doesn't suck at Dead Island: Epidemic. (I always finish with like, 50+ more zombie kills and 0 deaths to other players) SO, what are you playing? Want a friend? Post below!
  13. Hey guys. I've seen one or two players joining the surf asking if it's had an RPG mod, wanted to share a link to a mod and ask your thoughts on it. I'm not particularly a big fan of RPG mod but I think it'd give something for the players who play all the time something to look forward to. I think it'd be something fun to at least have a look in, if not adding it to the DM surf, perhaps with enough funds make a RPG Surf server, I don't know. Link below: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=226746
  14. Alrighty, straight off the bat, I think we need a few more surf maps, it's my second day on Extreme Network's surf server and I'm already dying from the same maps. What I personally would like; http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/168516 All the other maps I don't care about but would enjoy to play; http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/cats/7237 Any maps, guys, I don't mind, but if Xdream got added I'd cry with love. <3 Make it happen fellas.
  15. I had a little bit of a flash back today. I've been CS:GO surfing for 4 days now, and the first one or two servers I joined, you could get crates/skins etc like when you complete a normal competitive game. I was wondering, anyway how we can add that? I feel like it'd give some people a reason to continue on our servers. "Come here mate, play some surf, earn some guns, keep 'em, enjoy yourself!" I can't remember the server which gave crates but it had a pretty cool song playing when you loaded in. This one, actually.
  16. Hey, just letting you guys know I've purchased the Crystal beam (whatever it's called, the 200 credit one) grenade trail, and it's not working. I've made sure it's equipped and tried throwing all different types of nades on different maps. Just a heads up on something that needs fixing fellas, not sure if the others are also broken.
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