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Found 9 results

  1. Joran

    5v5 tourny 5v5 tournament

    Dear people of ENW, About a year back there was a 5v5 tournament.. and it's coming back! so.. are you willing to play in this tournament? If you're participating please be sure to keep an eye out for event dates and times! Steps on signing up: Join the official ENW discord if you haven't: https://discordapp.com/invite/eWQUn7j Search for the text channel #5v5signup and go into the text channel. Fill in the following format: Team name: Player names: Player steam links(same order as the player names): Make sure to put the steam links in a pastebin. (https://pastebin.com/)
  2. Joran

    ENW Evolving A change for ENW

    Dear people of ENW, first off .. a quick background story of how this has come to mind: ******* SKIP THIS IF YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED IN WHY/HOW THIS HAPPENED ******* Whilst playing PUBG community servers Skillinzo and I have come across some small end streamers also having partnerships with PUBG. We both thought it'd be a good idea to try and achieve this for ENW thus growing ENW and expending it's current population of games. We would be able to host games of up to 100 concurrent players and tune settings for loot, increase AR/Sniper drops etc (to make it more enjoyable). Also, as a great feature, this would allow ENW to host tournaments (no prize money or any prizes needed, they are fun even without them!) (these servers are ONLY available to partners of bluehole. That's why we have to make this step to accomplish this :) ) However, there is one requirement to this Partnership with Bluehole... ENW needs to have streamers actively streaming with good content.. so we took this to the leadership team and they decided to give it a shot! ******* SKIP THIS IF YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED IN WHY/HOW THIS HAPPENED ******* Click here for the requirements to be a partner of Pubg on with the good stuff! Here are a couple of things which will happen: - ENW twitch channel (Streams hosted by trusted staff members, this will not be everyone. just a set group of people who are trusted enough.) - Community streamers (Players of ENW's servers who can be "partnered" with ENW. they will be streaming for ENW but not on ENW's channel. (an application will have to be filled in and your streams will be looked after to make sure of good content / if guidelines are being followed. (guidelines will be listed after these points.) - Skillinzo will offer a set of graphics to stream with, there will most likely be standard ENW banners ect for all to use. (Ask @Skillinzo about this for further questions) - Discord partnership, this was already in the working but we lost our progress on this. I believe we will get back to this shortly :) Guidelines for "Partnered" ENW streamers: Keep your stream details to yourself (quite obvious but just incase) No racism, toxicity etc. be friendly, this will be harder to moderate due to staff not being a standard moderator on stream, but try and keep it friendly. Generic twitch guidelines, so keep it all nice and clean. Guidelines for ENW's twitch channel : Streamkey is only available for TRUSTED people, do not give this out to anyone. No racism, toxicity etc. be friendly, it will be properly moderated (Language will ofcourse be moderated untill an extent), most staff will likely get moderator. (maybe admins only, this will be discussed) Generic twitch guidelines, so keep it all nice and clean. If you have any further questions, feel free to message me anywhere. Contact details: Discord : Joran#6148 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pridehh/ on the forum PM's or just as a comment below (keep it on topic please) And also, please let us know what you think of this idea (streaming) and also the fact of a possible partnership with bluehole/discord!
  3. Emb3rsKM

    REQUEST 1v1 Server for CSGO

    Dear Members of The Forums, I thought it would be a great idea for ENW to create a 1v1 servers for people to go on and not just practice their skills against other players but also have fun. The popularity of 1v1 servers on CSGO has been increasing rapidly and ENW needs to be a part of this growth. If this popularity increases for a 1v1 ENW server not just would you get more people playing on yours servers and spreading it about to their friends, this 1v1 server could make people donate money which with that money you can improve your other servers and also create many more which will bring more people in which the same thing will happen again. I hope you have thought of this clearly. Your Sincerely, Emb3rs KM
  4. Pankrakles

    Classic Offensive

    Classic Offensive is a csgo mod which changes csgo into a 1.6 version of csgo which means all the textures, maps, guns, recoil and settings are based on 1.6 and is completely separate from csgo so you don't have to switch over files to switch between the two. Well, most people probably already saw this on /r/globaloffensive some may not, so I'd thought I'd spread the word. Some guys fragmovie in CSCO if you want to have a look at it first Download 1.1b Installation - Video Download Latest Version Extract the file with 7zip/Winrar/Whatever else you use Drag the csco folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods (Replace C with whatever drive you have steam installed on) Restart steam The game is now in your library under games. NOTE - The game does not automatically update. Server List Subreddit for Classic Offensive Steam Group We can also host our own ENW server if this gets enough attention, as far as I'm aware source mod does work but plugins do not work. Thanks, and Merry Christmas
  5. Toby Griffiths

    Can someone help me?

    HI , I have recently had to factory reset my PC due to the legendary Windows 10, I knew that when i reconnect to the server i would have to re download all the models maps etc when i first joined it was fine i think it was jb_clouds_v4 and when i joined it just downloaded however when i try to join /jb_vipinthemix_ v2 or whatever it starts to load then comes up with continue 3 2 1 etc and then kicks me and says missing map , so i went on GB and manually downloaded the map and put it in my Steam maps folder , when i join it still does the same thing , please can someone help me out with either some advice or hop on teamviewer with me and sort it , Much appreciated Toby
  6. Twiistz

    Worst Skin's In CS:GO

    I have decided to bring up this topic as a lot of people have their different opinions on skins within CSGO. So i though that this would be a good place for people to discuss certain things about the skins. Maybe this post will help users decide on what skins they will buy in the future by reading other users opinions on that specific skin. Thanks For Listening And Enjoy
  7. schwarz

    New IP servers ENW

    Hello these servers IP are moving to new IP , the machine are more power Of course your VIP , stats rank , store are backup! List of new servers IP : Zombie Escape : Deathrun : Surf Classic : Only Dust2 : MiniGames : GunGame DeathMatch : Surf Skill Timer : Only Office closed reason not really popular/fun ( will open other mod) BunnyHop : DeathMatch Only Dust2 : If problem , bug etc , report us here thanks! have fun!
  8. China_Fury

    Maps on GG Server (part 3)

    INTRODUCTION Hello everyone ! I'm proud that the GG server is more and more popular, with a lot of veteran and stuff. Seriously, it's good to know that when a server do some efforts, people just will come back again to play. If ENW is careful enough, maybe we will become THE GG SERVER that you have to play with if you're a GG fan, or a casual player. MAPS Well, to keep the good work, I played on every others GG servers on CS:GO, and I selected the most playable and greatest maps that I could find. Everything is in the archive here : http://bit.ly/1rlvBGl There's Giants Downtown, Simpsons Deagle, Summer, Simpsons Green, Legendary Fun, Monastery, mini dust GO. Everytime those maps appears on the voting screen, people just rage-click on it, so I think people like them ^^ But yeah, please, in the name of god : can you erase the maps : H3onslaught (we already have the same with a different name) Aim Maze : boring Speedball : Huge Blender : blah. VOTEMAP Speaking of Votemap, Do you think we need it on server ? I think it's a great idea, because people can choose directly a selection of random 5 maps, but idk, I need your feedback on it. Seems very easy to install, but there's two kind of vote : And this one : The second one is more classy and beautiful I think. The first one is convenient, but kind of ugly Here's the commands to do it : mp_endmatch_votenextmap 1 mp_endmatch_votenextleveltime 15 mp_endmatch_votenextmap_keepcurrent 1 (Maybe I'm wrong, if someone can tell me, it would be appreciated ^^) And yeah, one last thing : at the end of the match, people have just 5 seconds to look the tab-scores, maybe add friends other people, etc... I think it'll be good if we had at least 15 secondes, just time to breathe, speak a little, stuff like this... CONCLUSION I would like to thanks my mom without whom nothing would have happened... LOL. Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you in the GG server soon Feel free to discuss this post.
  9. China_Fury

    Maps on GG server (part2)

    Hey lads, Ok, so I was trying every maps for days, and now I can say that : The Wall : fucking too difficult, too big, most of people spend 10 minutes to kill others with HE grenade. Speedball : same shi- Testing ground : pretty much the same. When there's more than 8 people on server, those maps takes a long time to get done and I think users don't like them very much. So if they can be removed, it will be great I'm looking for other maps to include on the server. Last question : we use to have a map called "chertopoloh" it's not here anymore ? And yeah, I was about to forgot : we celebrating the 1000 player on GG server ! Congratz number 1000, you're the best, even if you were a giant noob who stays for one round. love you.