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Found 48 results

  1. So, recently my friend @superstix got banned from the servers and discord! He wanted to play on the servers to become a bignamer and revive the servers to take on AndreYaBoi's legacy. He didn't even survive an hour on the servers and not even 5 minutes on the discord server before admin: @Blade and @Legacyy banned him! I dont understand why the staffteam is banning members that are related to me IRL. Just because he is my IRL friend, doesn't mean he is like me. I just wanted to spread awareness to the community, thanks.
  2. woke up chris birmingham oh my god im the lad im so dabbing i can nae nae i just facetimed boqua happy birthday to my favourite 3rd worlder, pizzatron please donate to the serbian government to hamper pizza's quality of life kind retards, sniffler
  3. Jairone

    Ban appeal

    Uhm i dont know how a ban appeal works but krok told me to do it and here i am
  4. Please share some of your favourite memories you have acquired over the last couple of years in this wonderful community so we can all reminisce about better times. 🙂
  5. OldKrytosAccount2


    Well ENW players, it was a nice journey with you all ( except some ppl : @Ragnarok @Etherexl @Harry ) ❤️ Still love you @Joram @schwarz @mEDeZ
  6. Hi everyone, As y'all know, the vip website is back up again! To celebrate this, I'd like to do a small giveaway for a month VIP on all servers.(5 pounds worth of credits) (Sponsored by myself) So what do you have to do in order to be eligible to win the giveaway? #1 Like this post #2 Comment on this post #3 Admins and vips are not eligible to win, you can still like and comment though! 😄 How will this give-away happen? I added 5 pounds worth of credits to my own account, which will be transferred to the winners account. I will use a random name picker, in order to make it fair and square. This give-away will end at 15th of June at 00:00 UK time. (So when the 14th of June ends) Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!
  7. if u just dont like me and ban gag mute me for every single thing i do fault just ban me of the server than i dont have get cancer from ur anoying crying about shitt thank u honney✋
  8. I need tokens again. Can anyone transfer 4 tokens for a skin worth around £4? Thanks
  9. I would like to buy VIP with skins which will be tradeable in a few days. Is this possible? Is anyone interested?
  10. if anyone remembers big man boneless, well guess wot he has returned, maybe received a gag in like the first 20mins but he has returned
  11. Kasper


    What did you get for christmas if you celebrate it, some of the countries in the East and Scandanavian region celebrate christmas on the 24th of December. I got Razer Deathadder Elite, Steelseries mousepad and some LED Lights
  12. ha clickbaited look how bad these cts are https://youtu.be/-Og0TzbH0K8 Abracadabra show urself who ever edited my post to say clickbaits are not cool
  13. So I was casually watching mantrousses vids and came across this one vid where ENW was featured in it. I know this bc i saw Mr Jake and 999 by chance when he was joining a team... evidence: (if you don't know who he is he is a well known csgo comedy YouTuber)
  14. Here's a small log of what we've talked about in the staff meeting. \ Every first weekend of the month we have a staff meeting Rocket toss willl be turned back on (jailbreak) Please use the format provided for reporting a player (or staff). Mods will have access to the respawn command. Racism in chat/voip will first be issued with a gag/mute (500 min ish) followed by a ban if they do it again (several hours to a day ish). If someone changes their name/joins in with a racist name tell them to change name, if they don't listen kick them with a warning to change their name, after that issue a small/medium ban. I will be making these posts after every meeting so the community knows whatsup If any of you (players and staff) have idea's for the next meeting, please let me know and i'll make a list of it all EDIT: please no shit posting under this.
  15. Gev


    As much as everyone loves bhop In ENW, the Bhop server really does not get played that often. And i wish people did because Its Mostly Not getting played Ever So Please if you do go on it that will be good. To Everyone. Peace Out
  16. A lot of people are getting angry if they get knifed by a player whos model is tracer. I think the hitboxes aren't that perfect. Could it get fixed or removed from the store? Example: Rahim the Roadman: UR HITBOX IS SO BROKEN Rahim the Roadman: HOW BROKEN IS THAT MODEL
  17. Well im just saying goodbye to enw im quitting its good for some people and for some people bad ( for everyone its good ) and yeah I loved this server and the community even though some people were toxic well i was but ye. I am leaving because of the fact that i just dont deserve to be in a good community like this and im not sure if i come back but i will make a post if i will come back but also i will change my toxic behaviour racism and all that shit , sorry for admins who had trouble with me including synthetic. bai
  18. https://gyazo.com/b105b4025827926700019737132dcc00
  19. Norm

    VIP Custom Tags

    This post is for those who are using the new custom tag plugin: If you found doing the following: Including racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other derogatory terms within your tag ( + using other punctuation in place of letters as a 'loophole'). Impersonating any rank of staff. Using it to purposely insult or disrespect other players. Using it as a means to spam chat. Advertising. You will be punished accordingly including but no limited to being banned for the duration of your vip period.
  20. All too lazy to lift their fingers and type, wont even give a freeday because it's to "complicated". Shouldn't be admin then. Never re-spawn either. (Doge - Trial Admin) - Never gives respawn after freekill
  21. I like playing on jailbreak servers, so I joined extreme networks to try it out. I was greeted with abusive wardens/guards and terrible rounds literaly staring at the wall for 5 minutes. They dont do nothing. You dont leave main cell areaa, the round starts and ends in main cell area with everyone rebelling. Good job!
  22. We Need to do something about the lack of players on this server so share on multiple csgo sites and more Just a thing we could work on this community. So have a Nice day and piece
  23. hello we are glad to annonce you about the server KZ open now! IP : theses maps are ready with plugin Kz timer. it works prefect report me if you found bug have fun
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