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Found 41 results

  1. Since no one mentioned it already, on the map jb_spy_vs_spy_7 once the warden has chosen hide and seek from the !games menu, all ct's get teleported into armoury and the cell doors are not opened automatically. This delays the game and some of the seeking time then has to be given to the t's so they can hide properly. P.S. should bugs about jailbreak be posted here or in the Feedback & Technical section?
  2. Hello guys i am new at these gaming cs:go server i am really happy about founding english jailbreak server and i am trying to get moderator of server
  3. On the map jb_atomi_jail_beta4_fix2 there's a glitch that if the CT's decide to do a !games day, the teams get teleported into a place opposite the cells near the hole area and they keep falling outside of the area so basically they will loose health and die. I believe the telepartation place/spot is glitched
  4. Hi all, I was playing deathrun recently and i noticed that only on the map Deathrun_princess_akai_v90final2 while playing the map you can re-nominate instantly and most times the player vote to replay it so i have to forcertv can someone look into fixing this. Thanks
  5. We had a "box day" and I along with another terrorist were slain next round because of the team kills can this plugin be removed ? thanks
  6. Isaac

    Broken map

    when you finish the map "deathrun_evening_walk_sn2" the T doesn't get teleported to the end room weather it be awp bhop or the other endings.
  7. Just to let you know bhop_fluffy_panda is not downloading and therefore not working.
  8. So I've started playing on your servers recently and I've noticed that as much as I completed maps and beated records and gained points I was still not gaining level, was unranked after playing a couple of games. I've done !prank, and im ranked between 500-550 on your bhop server so I think I should have rank, So I belive this is some kind of error, on your server / database, and would like you to fix this cause I've seen pretty much all new people and people who play with me being unranked and now leveling up. I've also found that I played 2 times on a map, the first time I established a personal record, and today when I played on that same map, my personal record was gone, I belive that is another bug happening. Thanks for the attention, Anikila.
  9. The new maps implemented on the surf timer server are mostly buggy/crash the server. They need to be tried and tested (all 140 of them), otherwise it will discourage new people on the server.
  10. it is annoying to spawn in helicopter when there are no admins around since you don't have any way to get out
  11. I have very nice Knife skin so I want to see it while surfing and not the basic knife it works on some maps but on certain maps it doesn't work for example surf_abyss
  12. Scott


    On map dr_space_final_enw_fix as a terrorist you can go the very end of the map and pick up the guns that the CT are supposed to pick up to kill the t when they finish the map, just found it out as I just accidently picked up when I jumped and pressed e and you can pick them up, and when you get the gun you can kill all the ct's who's doing the map.
  13. sneaker66


    Map: Deathrun_Sk_Jail_Enw ------------------------------------------- As i was Playing Some deathrun And then i saw this .... ------------------------------------------ Photo[1] http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113096834/screenshot/620723145147020776 Photo[2] http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113096834/screenshot/620723145145221869 ------------------------------------------ Name of terrorist : Moe Moe Kyun Name of Ct : Doge ----------------------------------------- Pleas fix this
  14. It's seems there is a bug or some sort of issue when trying to play on styles other than "Auto". Once you go into a style it does not take you to spawn but just puts you in that style and stops your time, furthermore when you type "!r" to restart your run you have to style the command in again and again to go back into that particular style and this is extremely frustrating and counter productive. So I ask that you could make entering a new style restart you to the spawn makers and that styles are remember across restarts of the map so that you don't have to keep typing the same thing over and over again. Thanks, kriss.
  15. I've been seeing that there's a lot of times on the WR that seem to have perfect sync (100%), I'm unsure if this is a bug, or they are just hacked times. If it is a bug, please try to fix this up as it could end up getting innocent players banned. If not, can you please add an anti-cheat and remove these times. Thanks, kriss.
  16. Hello, it has come to my attention that the first trap on deathrun_temple is broken. If the death uses this trap and nobody it standing in front of it it works fine, but when someone stands in front of it it glitches and doesn't knock the player off the edge. I am unaware if this is intentional but if it is not this should be fixed at an appropriate time. Again thanks and hopefully this can be fixed. -GuyTM
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