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Found 42 results

  1. shadowthemonkey

    FIX Combat surf crash on join

    Whenever I try to connect to the combat surf server, CS:GO just closes. I have tried everything, firewall, verifying integrity, uninstalling, restarting PC, checking to see if I am banned (I am not), etc. It just closes my game whenever I try to join (from everywhere (Favourites, joining a friend, from the website, etc.). The worst part is that I don't know what the problem is as I can connect to the Bhop Server fine. I have been trying for the past few days. It just stops at ~95% and closes. Thanks in advance if anyone could give some insight. You can also tell me things to try, I'll tell you if I had already tried it.
  2. Hello guys, So I have been kzing for quite a lot of time and completed a lot of maps in bot TP and PRO times. However, for doing so I never received any points to get my rank higher. I do not care as much about rank as about that I cannot see any of my jumpstats when I type !profile. When I choose my nickname, nothing shows up. I hope this can be fixed. My nickname is ✪ Deviver and my steamID is 76561198885881626. Thank you P.S. I am not entirely sure if this is a bug or it is me doing something wrong, so posting in Help subforum
  3. rushed

    FIX ez ghost

    ez ghost made by Alexander Hamilton. cant post photo cause of mb here imgur link tho. https://imgur.com/a/Nnw2Z
  4. Marcus

    FIX shader model 3.0

    So Im at my grandads in Austrlia and he has a computer from 2009 . I downloaded steam downloaded csgo but when I tried to run csgo a black screen came up . 5 mins later it closed saying Computer does not meet system reqruirements . shader model 3.0 required. There is no gpu Does anyone know a bypass or a fix if there is one ? Thanks - Marcus I have directx version 11
  5. Server(s)/Application(s): Its in JB. What happens?: You can take warden without letting other ct's take it. When does it happen?: At the end of the round. Additional information: No. I found a bug that can keep you warden for next round, it doesnt matter if you are warden or not you just have to be in ct's when you are doing it(can do it even if there is a warden already and you have to be alive to do it), so they way to do is that you need to take warden at the end of the round (by typing !w) and you will keep it for next round, the ct's can abuse this bug and not let any other ct go warden just by doing it all the time so this should be fixed. Here is a video that shows you how it happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln96qr146Gw Btw I meant to type me at the end not my. @Norm @Joram
  6. Ruizu

    FIX Colour Bug

    Server(s)/Application(s): Its in JB I didnt check other servers. What happens?: You can colour your name When does it happen?:When you put something before your name Additional information: No. You can colour your name by changing it in steam, for example you can change your name to any colour by doing this, {colour} and then your name. For example; {green} Ruizu or you can have 2 colours in your name like that: {yellow} Rui {red}zu, it's not fair for the players that have vip, because they wasted money in order to put colourfull tags before their names, and now players can do it without paying anything.
  7. Aqua

    FIX jb_canceris_beta3a

    Crashes the jailbreak server when it changes to it.
  8. BuddaH

    FIX Website 404 error

    Hey Dev team, not sure if this is intentional or not but there's a 404 error on the donations link on stats.me page, http://imgur.com/a/egUqt hope this helps,
  9. Console

    FIX CT Warden Marker

    Sometimes Warden cannot place a marker on some materials or type of walls type of floors ect no idea why just reporting it and hoping it gets fixed :)
  10. TrixElite

    FIX map dr_hop_dull_bigd

    the secret at the start doesn't work please fix
  11. Hello Guys, considering we're working on getting the ARK: survival evolved server up and running we'd like to know how many people are going to play on the server. Please only vote if you're going to play. PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVER WILL BE PAID BY THE PLAYERS/DONATERS. THIS SERVER WILL BE AFFILIATED WITH AND BE IN THE NAME OF ENW BUT WILL 100% BE PAID BY US, THE PLAYERS. we already have 3/4 people willing to donate monthly to keep the server up and running. We will talk about the specific rates ect. on the server later, let's first see if we can make this happen. Thanks for your time, hope to see you on ARK soon!
  12. IDK what happened to beiber its all dark and shit and the old one was better tbh, idk wat u guys think but yeh.
  13. Da Seductive Sloth

    FIX Improvement to Bhop server

    I don't know if this happens in the other servers also but I do think that the following should be considered to be fixed or changed: Commands: Commands like !r and !store all show in chat, i know commands like /r and /store do the same and don't show but everyone uses '!' and ends up flooding the chat. If this was changed so it wasn't shown that would improve the server. Ranks/Levels: I've been playing a while now and am still known as 'Unranked' whether this is me being bad or the ranks being difficult to achieve i think they should add more ranks for the lower levels. OR possible there is no ranks and if this is so they should be introduced to show off players skill and this would probably make people want to play more so they can achieve higher ranks. Store I think more name tags should be added to there store, currently i think there are 3, if more customisation is added then players will want to play more to gain access to the better looking items available in the store. Map change I played yesterday and realised when the map finishes without RTV the map doesn't actually change. The countdown would go down to announce the end of the map and when it reached 0 nothing happened. If these could be fixed i think the server would be a lot better. If anyone wants any more details PM me and i will reply ASAP
  14. There needs to be three people online for one to switch to CT. It would be great if you could fix this. Thanks.
  15. LeonKong

    FIX Decoy spawning

    You'll spawn without a knife but instead with a decoy. So it's not possible to harm any CT's. Map: jb_lego_jail_v8_fixed
  17. UltraFlunky736

    FIX Getting banned for no reason

    The jailbreak server admins are banning many people for no reason, for example Richy was being racist and then told an admin (a name which began with pu) which then banned me from ct! And he also muted me!!!! Please fix the admins behaviour witness: Amazing5GUG5 : yes u did
  18. SuspectedAphid

    FIX EXPLOITS!??!?!?!?!

  19. Dankhus

    KZ !store Fix

    So recently i tried to do !store, it popped up for 1 second and instantly went away. Just wondering if it can get fixed. By the way, im sorry for all these random posts, ideas keep popping into my head.
  20. Dankhus

    KZ Suggestions / Fix

    I have some more suggestions for you guys. I have already told you guys in another post that the command !speed (that's the speed panel: the command can be done in another way, do !options , press 8, then 6 to enable it) isnt working. This is a suggestion for perfection, should't be on your top priority list. Now for the other thing that you might want to prioritize a bit more, is enabling the bot path-showing thingy ( do !options and press 4 to activate) by default. I see a lot of new players leaving the server and ragequitting because they don't know where to go. It would be nice to have it enabled by default so new players will have an easier time, KZ is hard enough by itself.
  21. Mr.P

    FIX cheaters in server

    there are so many cheaters in all of these servers and it is tiring playing on them because of there people please do something
  22. Darkaliber

    Why u break me fav map ;_;

    the new update to Deathrun_Princess_boobs_fix5 the 'fix' to the water trap. After playing deathrun for too long i realised that every trap in every map is baitable - meaning you can make the T press the trap without you dying or maybe take a little bit of damage. But with the new so called fix to the water trap that used to give you a boost the new trap in place of the water is now is now some big fucking spiny thing. But with the trap it's the fact that no matter how good you are, you can't bait the trap because the trap is so long it is just a free kill for the T and something that will make synth angry - completely stop speed runs. What i'm asking - i'm not asking for the trap to go back to how it was, simply remove or update the trap that it is possible to either bait / get past before the t can react to it
  23. Toby Griffiths

    FIX Change CT Plugin

    On jailbreak when you are playing with not a lot of people , like early mornings or really late at night there is only usually like 1 or 2 people on this gets really boring because no one can go ct , in my opinion and quite a few others this plugin is really inconvenient! Thanks Toby
  24. Im Bad At CSGO™

    FIX Map Problems

    The map voting system Glitch where it selects the same map even though we voted for another needs fixing
  25. Lilith

    FIX VIP Tags

    I am VIP and i have done my VIP Tag but every time the map changes my VIP Tag disappears and i have to re-type it in able for it to come back. I don't know why this happens but I'd like to know why and how to fix it.