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  1. T1 mija

    Shit ENW Says

    Zeroh: your back is in fucking south sudan Zeroh: I KNIFED Zeroh: INSIDE YOU Zeroh: OWO Zeroh: AND FUCKINGNOTHING
  2. Here's a writeup of the whole story so far: The cancer of jailbreak is spreading to the place known as deathrun and whole ENW, i'm a retard. You're not alone cos pank is so fucking annoying and deserves to be full owner. Afterwards ENW will rise up from the deep hole of death and will give us all the bitches, unlimited screaming children, emo admins and 300 tons of ultra rare pepes. Brb gonna kms coz i just joined Jail Break, How stupid of the guy named budgie the unicorn, also the other guy whos name is unknown. This thread is dead now, bye. Sike, it isnt. One sunny day i fapped furiouslt to some non hentai trash, it was pretty dark in the basement of @Instinct because of the horny anime schoolgirl bodypillows covered in some weird anime and @Instinct Mother. That way he can make babies and sell them to Budgie. Papa-Lags' blackmarket is THE place where it started: @Instinct discovered anime, then his favourite hentai: Boku no Pico. After that He proceeded to rub his fat newly born foetus with love and hate by satan over his babies. Pankrakels decided to join the party and noose himself as everyone partied, at austins demotion. @Instinct kept rubbing, @Pankrakles kept roasting, @Lionking kept cringing potato yemen crowbar
  3. T1 mija

    Shit ENW Says

    Mlg is awaiting for its return It'll come back with the harlem shake and the keyboard cat 21:46 - Neon: https://gyazo.com/430b97e1f5ba5e1d32b4ea8be5e342b9 (NSFL) 21:47 - T1 mija: sexy 21:47 - T1 mija: want me to share mine?
  4. It is unavoidable that the removal of the ump45 and the R8 revolver will cause a slow death of the server /s
  5. Actually, when i look in the chat logs i see people say they called admin when they didn't at all. I always respond to (understandable) call admins. And a lot of the time people either don't do it or do it wrong. Also, from my experience testing it is incredibly hard to fuck up so I don't understand how people do it.
  6. T1 mija

    im leg1t fam

    I'd love to say for the first half of the game i was outfragging Tam.
  7. T1 mija

    Picture Hunt

    Find me the rarest pepe.
  8. T1 mija

    Yes or No

    No Have you ever made a spicy meme?
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