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  1. zHyper

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

  2. zHyper

    Travis resignation

    Bye, Hope to still see playing the server whenever you can.
  3. zHyper

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    Steam-ID (64bit): 76561197977736539 Song: Time Stamp: 1:13 to about 1:24
  4. zHyper

    The end of ENW

    RIP, you should unban everyone whos permed on last day :).
  5. zHyper

    Round not ending

    It happens on JailBreak when there is like 3t's and a ct joins, The ct joins dead and the t's are still alive. To fix it one of the t's would have to die/slay and the round will end.
  6. zHyper

    Recent Game played?

    I really only play CS:GO ;3
  7. zHyper

    5v5 Competitive Tournament

    I dont know if this is still going to happen, but I would love to be a part of the 5v5.