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  1. congraulations hans
  2. Marcus

    Had to do it!

    never fail to amaze
  3. Marcus


    Did you miss us ?
  4. Marcus

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Rigged Ty anyways xd
  5. Marcus

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Fixed ; happy ?
  6. Marcus

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Whe're we droppin
  7. Marcus

    DENIED Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

    It's usually done on discord Just forget I said anything it was only a joke I'm sorry I can see each why I was denied
  8. Marcus

    DENIED Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

    This is a csgo community xd
  9. Marcus


    You will be missed . Ive been playing ENW since 2014 and its bein a big part of my life . Thanks for creating this community and making it so accesible and friendly ❤️ -Marcus
  10. Marcus

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    Damn so many staff members resigning . Sad to see you go Dank !
  11. Marcus


    Well deserved !
  12. Marcus

    Promotion 2

    Gratz !
  13. Marcus

    Sniffler's Mod App

    I can't even read it
  14. Marcus

    albanian's birthday

    *Generic and funny comment ablut pizza*
  15. Marcus


    Its called toxic ex staff for a reason