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  1. Like? People like Vault Dude didn't get it
  2. And youtubers with much larger communities than ENW don't get partnered so going to be hard for that to happen.
  3. The servers I played didn't so... kinda defeats the purpose of maps with jails also just because other servers do it like that why should we have to?
  4. Why? Kinda makes maps with jails such as surf_akai_f1n4l and surf_utopia_v3 pointless if there's no respawn as it doesn't reward people who actually surf the map.
  5. Pankrakles

    Shit ENW Says

    He joined using "connect ip" then was in spectate then kicked me. The reserved slot is to join the server not a team on retakes :) Duh
  6. Pankrakles


    Maybe stop being a weeb and you might get something
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