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    My matchmaking rank is LEM used to be supreme, like playing CSGO all round but I really like doing deathrun/minigames on ENW!

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  1. Scott

    Yes or No

    no Do you regret killing Harambe?
  2. These suggestions are things that I think that should be implemented so if you have an improvement on the suggestions I'm giving please let me know and I will edit my post or you can say it down below but please let me know if you disagree on some stuff because I'm sure there's something wrong with atleast one of the things I've suggested xD VIP !votekicks/!votemutes count as 2 instead of 1 -People donating and contributing to the server are most likely not to abuse this Some sort of command to permanently !stopmusic so you don't have to type it every round I think there should be more than 3 skins available as terrorist if you're not VIP Add back !voteban - I know it was being abused but maybe you could come up with a system that like only people who are registered on the forums can only do it or that you have to read the rules to be able to do it Of course the most obvious one !calladmin to message admins on the forums with the layout of something like this- Time: Server: Reason: Make the plugin so it can only be used like every 20 minutes or so and make it unusable if there's an admin on that server Add a gambling plugin for credits Add a packet of Doritos's skin like it was before Maybe for like 1500 credits you can buy !rename and you can use that rename once and rename the thing in your hand at the time Add that you can buy pets from !shop People using the ENW | tag in game get 4 credits instead of 3 - it will increase the population of the group and people will most likely use it in game in matchmaking to bring new players Add AFK Killer to ALL maps Remove the stupid invis walls on deathrun_hot_desert Make a different trap instead of the invisible floor on princess_labrat Add !top10 Shows top 10 players and their scores If you have any improvements or disagree with anything I've said let me know because maybe I can come up with idea's that bypass the disagreements
  3. a samurai person with all armor and shiz
  4. Scott

    Hows Everyone's Day?

    Kriss he had the required amount of posts to apply for admin before he posted this
  5. Scott

    Hows Everyone's Day?

    My day's been decent but very tired, can you play CSGO anymore?
  6. Scott

    more trails

    Hypnotic trail sounds good!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6jutNR1ZiA I done one exactly like you xD
  8. Scott


    Okay will do Construcker:)
  9. Scott


    Yeah okay HupHop when I find more exploits I'll edit this post thanks HupHop
  10. Scott


    Yeah, the next ones I find out/hear about I will pm them to Construcker
  11. Scott


    On map deathrun_underconstruction_v5_e there's a well-known exploit that I witnessed people doing earlier but there was no admin on to stop them, the exploit is on the yellow fan that's on the wall you can jump on top of it and jump on top of the buildings on the map and you can just go wherever without dying, you can even walk to the end and just finish the map from getting half way and exploiting. I know I have been posting a lot of bugs/exploits lately and it might be annoying some people, but I just want to help get rid of the exploits and stop people ruining certain maps. This is a well known exploit and hopefully it will get fixed but same as other posts this map isn't played that often so don't rush yourselves to fix it:)
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