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  1. Pruppet


    If I removed some plugins it's for a reason: they're private, and you're not supposed to have them anymore.
  2. Jailbreak Updated sm_hosties to latest beta version Fixed ratio plugin and timer command
  3. Jailbreak Updated CTBans.smx to 1.1.0 Public command has been made: sm_ctbanned - Players can check themselves whether they're ctbanned and the ctban's length. Code style has been revamped.
  4. All Servers Added: !models menu for all servers
  5. Retakes Both servers have been fixed, and Metamod+Sourcemod have been updated to the last dev version
  6. Both Retakes servers have been almost completely fixed, although SMLib (extension) does not work anymore and players' pistols don't equip, they just drop on the floor. The Retakes plugin doesn't seem to be following my edits.
  7. Jailbreak is fixed, thanks to @Instinct for bothering to debug it Passing to the others
  8. JailBreak will be broken for some days or even weeks, until the maker of SM Hosties updates it (100% confirmed it's broken)
  9. Deathrun Coded and added a plugin to either hide your team (CT only) or everyone. Command: sm_hide Menu pops up, select your preference Preference is saved upon disconnection
  10. Long time duty, another veteran goes by... Take care Cloudy, you'll be missed ?
  11. g000d woman to give bread

  12. Retakes #1 Final fix of spawns on Inferno. Old spawns got wiped, made new spawns myself.
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