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  1. Installing Razer are u in teamspeak?
  2. David


    Gratz Deja!! Get better Cons <3
  3. Maybe the warden gives some time like 5 to 7 sec to turn on console and put that command? About the typing just wait, and steam you can put as offline. EDIT: Of course its optional or just make it a rule
  4. When the server opened i talked to Schwarz and I said that I think its better in Dm now its up to the admin team so i was just trying to answer OnlyNothing
  5. To you're questions Mr.OnlyNothing: The name of the server is AWP Deathmatch not AWP Casual An error maybe i'm not into that kinda of stuff About the deagle can't you guys remove it? The maps its just adding. EDIT: There are tons of AWP maps so just get them on the server.
  6. 0.36 to 0.39 on the first video. Cyle wtf
  7. David

    I found a bug

    i was playing in bhop and i found this bug on this map (don't know if its on every map) but i got more then 280 or the speed limit. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687073186 -here is the proof Kriss i dont know if u removed the speed limit but i think it was on bhop_grayshit


    1. David


      SUKA NOOB 


    2. David


      JK love u babe <3 Aimbot Confirmed


  9. David

    Tournament Stuff

    I guess we do need to populate it again :S
  10. David

    Tournament Stuff

    So since jailbreak now is deserted,how about we get the tournament going?
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