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  1. Ice

    The end of ENW

    It is sad that all things must come to an end, but it lays ways to something new, there is always a new community join and who knows people may end up joining the same one. The fun will never end and we can all cherish the memories, both bad and good that has come about from being in ENW for so long. Long live and Prosper.
  2. Ice


    Well that made my post redundant for galaxy xD But welcome back Schwarz Babe missed you xx And Galaxy i'm gonna haunt you now 😛
  3. Ice


    Au Revoir Guess i'll be a distant memory xD
  4. Ice

    What is the answer?

    Harry you really know how to spoil some fun don;t you -.-
  5. Ice

    What is the answer?

    YUS! but one of my sexier ones <3
  6. Ice

    What is the answer?

    Answer me in pm so that others do not see the answer and can participate... It is 3 in the morning, you're sleeping and you hear the doorbell. It's your parents who show up for a surprise visit for breakfast. You've got the strawberry jam, honey, bread and cheese. What do you open first? Don't forget, answer me by private message or text, don't put it in the comments. If you answer correctly, I will like your post. If you're wrong, you have to put a photo of llama as your profile picture for 3 days Put done and i will +1 you if u get it right in my pm
  7. Ice

    CT ban bug

    well he asked for it with all his moaning, arguing and generally not listening to anything i said. i.e - when you show me you have a working mic i will remove ban, he just carried on moaning saying 1000hours OMG and being plain annoying hence the extension. and love you too <3 xx
  8. Ice

    CT ban bug

    haha xD - he deserved it and this is just great
  9. Budgie gotta say you've made it Really well and thought process is Amazing/ a couple Addditions should be If Adding Restriction to the round ANY order which conflicts with it i'e Jumping is Restricted, later in the round - Last T to jump dies, Restriction is lifted and the new command is put into play. Nit-picking will get you killed DO NOT do it. (cause kids be cocky and think they can nitpick and get away with it)
  10. Erm wait what? If this is report against someone can you please put in the correct Section and provide evidence, i've not seen any of this happening... or is this some kind of joke?
  11. THe second winner is Deadpool and yes i did rig this one, i'm actually playing it with him currently so yea Thanks for entering guyz and might do another one soon.
  12. Ice

    Yes or No

    no Do you ever feel that if murder was legal against retards the world would be a better place?
  13. Nope only did it one xD i was annoyed but i dnt rig things
  14. The winning number is 91 MEDEZ is the winner like WAT! Steam message me medez for the code
  15. Drawing the winner in 2 hours Good luck girls and cloud harry, joram and tibie are disqualified blame those 3 cunts cloud
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