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  1. Razer

    New PC screen HELP

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B013FOMTV0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Currently using this one but it's a little out if your range. Potentially the earlier model or size would be good also.
  2. Razer

    Jailbreak Start of Round Mute Bug.

    I have never personally had this bug happen to me.
  3. Razer

    H1z1 Kotk or PlayerUknown's Battleground

    Yeah well the creator of h1z1 battle royale left the team and made battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is getting daily/weekly/monthly updates. Just with one of their updates they managed to increase performance tremendously. I think for the if you are looking for a game for the long haul Battlegrounds is the one. If you are looking to play a game that will run but has bugs and only gets updated every 6-8 months or so then KOTK is for you.
  4. Razer

    H1z1 Kotk or PlayerUknown's Battleground

    battlegrounds is superior in every way
  5. Razer

    Battlefield 4

    Howdy all, just thought i would ask to see if there is anyone interested. I have recently started playing Battlefield 4 again but i haz nobody to play with. So if you are interested please leave a comment. My origin name is Razeypoo.
  6. Razer

    REQUEST New server suggestion

    ooh ARK, yeah it did not really work when i did it with snrlax. We did not have an initial player base that were interested in it. Our server also seemed a bit buggy and was notn set up properly as we had to do it mostly ourselves but i did manage to get it working with the mods. I would be happy to help in whatever way i can with a new server for it, whether being admin/donator/tech support.
  7. Razer

    Shit ENW Says

    Harry: Do you have a rock so i can kill myself
  8. Razer

    You Should Get VIP

    I do not understand the point of this post.
  9. Razer


    kill yourself is a bit harsh so i hope you drown
  10. Razer


    tbh just use legit stuff, if we can get it great, if we cant i am sure we will survive
  11. Razer

    ALERT Tracer Hitbox

    how about, learn to aim?
  12. Okay razer im sorry i said that i was just angry at you and i understand a ban but not a perma hopefully you can accept my sorry :(

  13. Razer

    A few suggestions for JB

    We don't use AFK freeze, end of.
  14. Razer


    I would have like to play on the KZ server but it went down roughly a week before i joined
  15. Razer

    Teamspeak Bots / Channels

    Sounds like a good idea to me.