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  1. You're so sexy <3

  2. Madara


    First time for me brother. I was concerned about you guys, so I decided to share. Take care bois!
  3. Madara


    There is a scammer out there that has a totally legit profile, but when you accept the user's friendsrequest, he will then message you about you winning a giveaway on Extreme-Network, he then types a lot of information about the people on Extreme-Network, all informations are fake. The names were mentioned in his attempt to scam: Schwarz, Prophet and Zorex. He said those guys are giving out the giveaway, click on this link to join.. I of course found out it's fake even before clicking the link. The link itself doesn't look legit at all, easy to spot. However, I made this thread to warn you all. People like these reached a whole new level of "scam/hack" - Careful!
  4. I am glad to see that my kiddos are dealing with things
  5. Muahhahaha, I will apply for dis position!
  6. Madara


    God I miss ENW lol
  7. Madara

    Stepping Down

    Hello people of Extreme-Network! You probably have seen that I haven't been around lately or in like forever. However, there are many reasons for this, and they are all personal reasons regarding real life stuff. Nothing related to the community at all. Anyway, it has been a honor for me to be here with you guys. Everything has been great since I joined. ENW is moving forward and that is what is important. I believe that ENW is in good hands, thanks to our current staff team. I hope that you all consider yourselves lucky, that you are a part of such a great community. Keep doing your work and don't give up, since ENW has lots of potential. I have a small request before I leave. I would like to have Theos promoted as a Moderator. I was going to do this way back myself, but didn't have time for it. I believe that Theos is Moderator material, and that he deserves the position. Anyway! Take care all of you! I hope we see each other around. I will still be available on Steam, Skype, Email and what so ever. I will keep using ENW TeamSpeak when I play Competitive matches, so you will have the oppertunity to hit me up there as well. ENW ~ Madara
  8. Madara

    GTA V PC

    I want this game! T_T
  9. I am cold.. Freezing a lot
  10. Madara

    RIP Hellsbadass

    When I kept seeing you going online and offline.. I was like "RIP", hahahaha
  11. Madara

    RIP Hellsbadass

    ★Hellsbadass: Pussy ★Hellsbadass: xD ★Hellsbadass: It means a cat ★Hellsbadass: Actually Theσs ツ is now Online. ★Hellsbadass: OO ★Hellsbadass: "Theos is now online" ★Hellsbadass: Shrekt ★Hellsbadass: I know you are there ★Hellsbadass: xD ★Hellsbadass: Not to be rude or anything but... Kurwa ★Hellsbadass: Hahahha ★Hellsbadass: The only way to get your attention... Would be to freak you out. Theσs ツ is now Away. ★Hellsbadass: RIP Hellsbadass Me trying to contact Theos, hahaha. Did not work that well lawl.
  12. Happy Birthday! @ Cloud got 666 post count lol ---> Illuminati
  13. Madara

    I'm back

    Welcome back man! Looking forward to see the illuminati stuff you got.
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