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  1. Happy birthday Schwarz! :) 

  2. Construcker

    Its about time

    I'm glad to see it back online <3
  3. I wonder how this happened o.o
  4. Construcker


    Love you too Schwarz <3 and Grats Deja
  5. The name of the thread is " Monthly Deathrun Giveaway! " so I'd assume so yeah ^^ Thanks a lot for the contribution to the community Orange! I don't know if you're aware, but the last months I've hardly had any time for any "freetime" for things such as CS:GO and games. + other reasons, for example PC issues But keep up the good work and I'll give you a big hug one day <3 - Construcker
  6. Construcker


    I preordered the game a while ago, and sure I can probably join
  7. You're so sexy <3

  8. Video went private lol confirmed fake xD
  9. Construcker


    oh god... not this video xD
  10. Construcker

    Kenny Kriss

    Just... why... oh my... xD
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