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  1. Happy Birthday Giorgio!

  2. If you add the popular Matchmaking official main maps to the Dust 2 server, it will still remain popular. What makes it popular at the moment is not the map, it's the ability for people to play without Steam.
  3. Whats the vac for? bhop script?
  4. Giorgio

    Steam Hardware!

    Ok so that's more useful for persons playing fighting games, car games etc. I'm not gonna use a pad for csgo unless i wanna play a fair match against silver 1 players or drunk russians
  5. Giorgio

    Steam Hardware!

    What are the changes?
  6. There are so many non steamers little cheaters, that if you would have to report them 1 by 1, you will spend more time writing on the forums than playing. If there's an other anti cheat than vac, that can block the server entry to the basic detected cheats, thats a good thing to have. People who dont have money to get steam wont spend thousands on a sophisticated cheat i guess lol.
  7. Did you buy all those games at that price construcker? lol
  8. Hi ZOREX, Mine friend Igor Spopovitch want trade thiss knife witЛh you. He isФ a profesionall chest palyer and love conter stricke player like your. he also love philosophy and collecting plastick ducks. He no have a steam accountovskayaД, i send you a imadge of this knives he want trade with you beФcause he love you skins. Please clik on link for see the knive. Best regard. Edgar Dupond.
  9. Did the bot made you click on that link? http://imageshax.15522:trojanforcsgobeginners.exe.ru ? (troll)
  10. Where did it message you, on your Enw account via a pm, or via steam?
  11. All is said on Zorex video and Cloud comment. I add my 2 cent, it really worth it. But you need a good computer and a good graphic card, otherwise you won't see the benefits of the 144hz.
  12. A vac ban remains a vac ban, i never said for which game it was. Good luck for csgo anyway, you'll need some, beeing smfc at 31 matches and 200 hours of gaming.
  13. Normally you have to press C or K while spectating to see the specator "wallhack", but it's not working on dust2 only server, i confirm that. Dunno if it's possible to set this feature on?
  14. Shame you're now vacced. Have some good vacacions
  15. Hi there. Seems like the 1v1 is offline. I don't know if it crashed or not.
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