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  1. Dylan

    ALERT Best ENW memories

    Besides this video, meeting HarryS, Medez, Onlynothing, abc, cyle, razer and Joram were good memories, I've made plenty within the community
  2. Dylan

    The end of ENW

    It was my pleasure to have been playing and being a part of the leadership team. It saddens me to see the community that has brought me many of friends to close.
  3. Dylan


  4. Dylan

    Stepping Down

    >.> Read over the lines, my apologies
  5. Dylan

    Stepping Down

    Although I've barely talked to you or seen you in-game, it's a good decision to step down as SL p.s Teach me Cantonese yo
  6. Dylan

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    In the end ya cant make a rule for a giveaway that isn't yours.
  7. Dylan


    Welcome back both of you
  8. Dylan

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    lmao you pleb.
  9. Dylan

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Congratulations Nigel on winning this give-away. Please pm me your steamid64 EDIT: Found it and it has been sent. Participants: core marcus ninja donk greivous chief nigel lps defused papa-lags woldefi wolf efuh skillinzo joey-Krytos For those who wonder why they were not entered, you did not like the post.
  10. Dylan

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Last 11 hours and 25 minutes before this ends!
  11. Dylan

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    nice troll
  12. Dylan

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Hi everyone, As y'all know, the vip website is back up again! To celebrate this, I'd like to do a small giveaway for a month VIP on all servers.(5 pounds worth of credits) (Sponsored by myself) So what do you have to do in order to be eligible to win the giveaway? #1 Like this post #2 Comment on this post #3 Admins and vips are not eligible to win, you can still like and comment though! 😄 How will this give-away happen? I added 5 pounds worth of credits to my own account, which will be transferred to the winners account. I will use a random name picker, in order to make it fair and square. This give-away will end at 15th of June at 00:00 UK time. (So when the 14th of June ends) Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!
  13. Dylan


  14. Dylan


    Sad to see you retire my man, you've done a wonderful job these years! I wish you all the best in your life Mr. Schwarz!