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  1. So,I decided I want something big for my birthday.I came up with a gaming pc,but the problem is when i checked the price's of them,they are like 1000 pound's.So i decided i build my own gaming pc,I went on the internet and searched the stuff in it,counted the money of the stuff wand it still came up to 1000 pounds.But i didn't give up,not yet.I went on the internet again,and last time i wanted a GTX 980 which was 475 pounds which is how much my WHOLE pc worth.I coulden't believe it.But i was thinking searching,later on i found a good way of buying video card's....If u buy 2 GTX 960 it's around 300 pounds,1 GTX 980 is 475.Also if u buy 2 GTX 960 than ur pc's producement will be BIGGER and u didn't spend that much money.Simple and easy..Another thing,guys, dont buy these 5TB pc's cause what's the point.I think i have 2 or 1TB in my pc and i bearly used the space.I would say a 2-3TB pc would be perfect cause these 4-5 cost more and u don't even use the amount of space.Bye guys and good luck,hope u understood what i said and also took note of my advice.Never give up!
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