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  1. The?s ?

    Your future plans?

    Currently working full time while also finishing my degree (currently developing a few varying styles of game levels to demonstrate sound design and music composition ability for my major project). Changing jobs soon to one better suited to me (and a lot more stress free). After uni I will have to keep working so will stick with the job I'm changing to for now, but the eventual intention is to get into game design and development. Living near London, there are a lot of smaller game studios and a few larger ones so the idea is to create my own stuff, build up knowledge and portfolio, then with that try to move into a studio. There are lots of meetups that go on within the indie community so meeting people who work in these studios is actually pretty easy. Eventually I want to leave England, but that will be fairly far off for now.
  2. The?s ?

    Unity 3d/Blender

    I'm fairly familiar with both Unity (4) and Blender, however I can't really find time to help. If you're facing any major issues though that you can't find the answer for, feel free to ask me.
  3. The?s ?

    Your vehicle

    I have one of the crappiest vehicles out there so it's not much to post, but for the sake of the topic... Manufacturer: Ford Model: KA Year: 2003 Image (not my car but it looks exactly like this one): I only just started driving about 5 months ago so I bought the car from my sister for dirt cheap. Runs amazingly well for a KA. When I leave uni and have a more secure job (currently working full-time in a minimum-wage job) I'll upgrade the car to something better, but for now it does everything I need it to.
  4. I agree with the others. The clue is in the title ex-staff.... As in not currently staff. Our opinion can be asked for, advice etc. but ENW-related issues should be dealt with by current staff only.
  5. Happy Birthday Theσs ツ!

  6. The?s ?

    Minecraft Server

    If you need any help give me a shout. I've been running a minecraft server for the past 2 years (still going ofc), got plenty of experience with the hosting side of things - server files, mods, setting up permissions and commands etc.
  7. The?s ?

    Games Of 2016

    Borderlands 3. All my wants.
  8. The way I see it either way (allowing non-steamers to play or not) presents issues. If you ban non-steam users from playing then the traffic to the servers will drop rather noticably. However by allowing non-steam users to play then actual steam users are being put off from playing on the server as there is a big increase in players who are cheating, and most legit players are easily pissed off by this - the players you actually want to be sticking around. And yes, there are some okay non-steamers and yes there are plenty of steam users who don't mind the issue but you need to look at the big picture. On the one hand if you allow non-steam users to play then you will have less steam users. The servers will have (for the most part) plenty of activity however this may be greatly with cheating players. On the other hand if you ban non-steamers then at first the server traffic will decrease; depending on how this is managed you will either continually lose traffic to the servers until they die OR you will be able to build up a good base of steam players who are happy that the place has far less people cheating, and you will have a prosperous and happy community (and that's a great day for everybody). It is very much a high risk/reward choice. However if the eventual outcome you want is the latter then the longer you allow non-steamers to play, the less steam users you will have and the harder it will be to achieve. Another point (one worth mentioning but I don't like to do it) is that people who are willing to spend money on the game in the first place are far, FAR more likely to be the ones who donate money to support the community. To the initial point though, if there is a plugin that can do that and ENW are able to use it then it is worth looking into. It seems like a bit of a stretch that you can have both steam and non-steam users and less/no cheaters, but if it is possible then it is worth looking at.
  9. I'd have thought forum moderator was the most appropiate position for this.
  10. I could write an essay in this discussion, so I'll try to keep it short. Your best bet is to go for just one GTX960 for now (unless getting two of them for cheaper is an offer you found), as pretty much no games out there are gonna push the card to it's limit anyway (I'm still on just one GTX560ti since 2012 for two monitors, and I'm only now starting to find games that I can't run in full beautifulness), let alone two cards combined. And if you are determined to go for a dual card SLI set up then ensure the motherboard is actually capable of doing it; not all motherboards support a dual SLI set up. Plus running two cards will need a more powerful PSU (there are tools online to see what sort of power you will need, but I imagine 700W-800W area would be about right) and all these differences can increase the price you were expecting to spend if you have to change certain things from one to another. The most important thing to realise is what areas you can afford to skimp on and which you cannot. Motherboard and CPU you NEED them to be amazing, else nothing else you buy will even matter. SSDs/HDDs are mostly down to personal taste - having your OS on your SSD is really the main point of even buying an SSD, and if you're not that bothered about waiting a bit longer for your computer to boot then it's probably not worth the cost. HDDs are mostly fine to choose from, but I would only buy them from reputable brands, otherwise you're risking a lot just to save some cash. Buy a good, solid HDD to start and worry about SSDs and bigger HDDs later - they're not as important as other stuff. The most important thing, overall, is to make sure the heart and brain of your computer is the best it can be, otherwise all the fancy stuff you slap on top of it just won't matter. Processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics, PSU and THEN everything else. This is where buying retail desktops is at its biggest fault; they advertise gaming computers with the latest graphics cards, and then you find out later it's a cheap motherboard and cheap processor with not much RAM, and you need to upgrade them anyway... so you spend more than if you built it yourself. Overall, building it yourself works out A LOT cheaper than buying retail desktops (if you compare the specs of what you're buying); the bit that gets awkward is that if something stops working you don't have a support centre or warranty or anything, and fixing it could be expensive. Therefore just buy reputable parts from reputable retailers and reputable brands, else you're pretty much asking for trouble.
  11. The?s ?

    Staff Updates

    Well done Huphop, definitely the best choice for the job =]
  12. The?s ?

    I'm done =(

    Don't worry, I don't plan on joining any communities elsewhere so of course I will stick around, and I'm always up to play when I'm able to. Thanks though, it's not something I wanted to do but I've finally accepted that things aren't gonna get any easier so stepping back is best for everyone. Much love everyone <3
  13. The?s ?

    Stepping Down

    Much love zorex =3
  14. The?s ?

    I'm done =(

    Hey, so you may have guessed it was coming... I'm leaving ENW. Real life has got the best of me and as of today I start working full time and all the unsociable hours that go with it... with any free days I do have I don't see myself playing csgo much with it. I will still be around from time to time but I can't give enough time to helping the community itself and I have to try to focus on career aspirations over gaming. I wasn't aware Zorex was planning on leaving so sorry to do it at the same time but there wouldn't be much difference if I were to do it in a few days either. I've made some good friends here and I don't plan on saying goodbye to all that, so I'm not gonna just disappear, just stepping back from ENW. Thank you to everyone =] <3
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