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  1. Cloud

    Christmas giveaway

    Welp, can't enter this giveaway.
  2. Cloud

    EWN Christmas giveaway

    Weebs are trash, felt no remorse in saying such honest words.
  3. How old are you, and what is the legal gambling age? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Or if you are smarter, you don't use sketchy gambling sites at all.
  5. Cloud

    Upcoming Games

  6. I wish I was Misty boi.
  7. Of course, just not having the responsibility of having to moderate the servers and stuff. :) We can still play Overwatch doot doot.
  8. Hi all, Just to let you know I'll be resigning from Admin Leader because as you may have noticed, I haven't been too active lately on the servers - and Harry has been doing most of the Admin Leader duties, so respect to him. I thought things would clear up over summer and I'd be more active, but I don't really have any interest in many of the servers anymore. I'm also still busy, and will remain busy for the foreseeable future with work, uni applications, school stuff, and personal life, hence, I don't think it's fair that I stay in this position. Thanks all for the good times, I will still try to be part of the community on the forums and occasionally in-game but I will probably be winding down a little. Love you all, Cloud x
  9. Cloud


    Thank your brother Joran, and goodbye for now.
  10. Cloud

    Upcoming Games

    No season pass, loads of content, so what if there are microtransactions it's a good direction EA are heading. They're all small benefits anyway, so at the end of the day I will outaim everyone regardless of their pansy shit.
  11. Cloud

    Upcoming Games

    Hell yeah! I'm hyped for M&B2: Bannerlord too and also Battlefront II (the new one, before somebody cracks a hilarious joke).
  12. Cloud


    Of course of all giveaways this is the one I win... thank you.
  13. Step 1: Uninstall Norton. Even its name sounds like a dumb person.
  14. *Your AK47 Redline will make a fine addition to my collection.
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