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  1. LPS

    Shit ENW Says

    @Zeroh can we please demote abusive admins
  2. LPS


    RUizu bought the server?
  3. LPS

    The end of ENW

    No, already reserved for @WJTW. you can have worst weeb award
  4. LPS

    Best ENW memories

    bamsemoms is the worst thing that happened to me in enw.
  5. LPS

    The future of ENW

    will have to start freekilling again for that top spots ;/
  6. hans, hope you will be able to combine leading the admins and following the stock markets.
  7. LPS

    I Have Returned

    welcome my fellow fake latvian
  8. LPS

    Stepping Down

    Oh man I thought zeroh is stepping down. What a shame. Got b8ed
  9. LPS

    Help me

    rgb leds the best
  10. LPS

    Month VIP giveaway

    can we have some rules against rigging giveaways please?
  11. LPS

    Month VIP giveaway

    May the force be with me
  12. LPS


    gratz, who r u?
  13. LPS


    One of the friendliest people on enw man. Been a long time in enw so I understand your decision. Bye bye
  14. LPS

    Thank You Everyone

    happy birthing day from me too. not late at all.
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