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  1. was epic xD That channel all ways has dope songs, if your into that id suggest this
  2. Yes thats why vip should get more credits instead of free shops
  3. Maybe instead of making all stuff in store free, make Vip get like 3/5x more xp ?
  4. Randy Marsh

    Horror Movies

    Mirrors I thought was amazing Sinister was also good Insidious 1 and 2 were awesone Ring is goos but not that scary since was just all suspense Grudge was pretty scary Oculos ( I think thats the name) was dopeee
  5. Randy Marsh

    Games Of 2016

    I doubt elder 6 bc fallout 4 this year, but let's hope!!!
  6. Randy Marsh

    Games Of 2016

    Literally Csgo on new engine would make me so so so happy
  7. Randy Marsh

    Favourite Games!

    on 360 WaW Cod Cod 4 Gears of war 1-3 Halo 3 halo wars Trials evolution Geometry wars 2
  8. i must start playing it more tbf !! gunna start now :3
  9. Yea true, allthough they can annoy me, i do get along with some of them, also does make it more active ( and gives me more kills ) Plus really, there isnt an excessive amount of hacking, there is enough admins to get to them, i mean im on a hell of alot aswell, and most ppl have added me, were only 1 message away to tell us there hacking
  10. Would be good to get rid of them, and then just See if the population is anybetter ? And if it does struggle you could allways let the non steamers back ? ^^
  11. Thank you !! <3 Just like that !
  12. Thank you xD I didn't really like the weapon skins
  13. Anyone got any good stuff ? Mainly looking for stuff like these two Or
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