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  1. Fuck the war server, just host Valve competitive mode and change to league settings
  2. Oh lol I take it back then, I got 2 vac as well, besides, who doesn't have a vac in mw2, you got vacced just for being in a party with modders
  3. Well, I literally have 0 experience on JB, but I think you should do it if you feel thats what's right. Trust you +1
  4. I normally ban people for 30min-1h for abusing votekick/ban. If the player that are getting kicked have not broken any rules i will always call off the votes.
  5. Doesn't lag if you have a computer that cost you more than 10$ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Lowrider

    Worst gun in CSGO?

    +1 ban all weebs /s
  7. Lowrider


    Wait Is your city called Cognac?
  8. Lowrider

    Betting Predictions

    Go for it mang, but pls no cpoypasta from /r/csgobetting or guru.csgobetting
  9. Lowrider

    Staff Updates

    Congratz Hup! <3
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