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  1. Rules added: CT-Specific rules Using the warning shot system to gain information about the T's unfairly is not allowed. T-Specific rules If you get revived, you are not allowed to instantly rebel. Rules changed: Admin Guidelines Players on the T side should never be given a freeday because they were freekilled. Rules removed: CT-Specific rules You are only allowed to do 2 simon says days/games per map.
  2. Jailbreak Maps added +jb_bigmt_beta_enw +jb_paradise_lost_v1_enw +jb_turkey_minecraft_v2_enw +jb_putin_v2_enw +jb_longstreet_enw Maps removed -jb_vipinthemix_csgo_hex_v2_enw -ba_toobalot_v5_enw -jb_colorjail_v4_fix_enw -jb_junglejail_v6_enw -jb_mayan_v1_enw -jb_mountaincraft_v6_enw -jb_oasis_v2c_enw -jb_overcooked_enw -jb_paper_alive_ultime_se_enw -jb_sides_v1a_enw -jb_tropico_enw -jb_arctic_jail_v3_enw -jb_new_chernobyl_enw
  3. Rules changed: CT-Specific rules CTs must have at least one successful round before a games day is permitted. This means at least one successful round PER games day, successful being defined as a round which gets to LR after playing a map game, or a round which ends while playing a map game (not due to rebelling).
  4. Jailbreak Maps added +jb_clouds_beta02_enw Maps removed -jb_autumn_v2_enw -jb_killerbeta_xmas_enw -jb_pyrenees_v1_2_enw -jb_subtropical_v1_enw
  5. The maps I suggest for KTAN, Undertale Arcade Clouds - Balanced map - Enough rebel opportunities - Good games Maps I don't suggest, Vipinthemix Obama Quake - Very T sided - Only a few good games - RNG if you get a rebel cell or not I would pick the same kind of maps for KTAN. If you choose Undertale, Clouds and Obama (for example) most of the score will come from Obama. That could make it so the other two maps don't matter as long as you get an average score.
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