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  1. Please put -1 on purpls appeal tommorow because he bully me on miencraft
  2. 80 Purpl, OELEWAPPER they all bully me i try play minecradt survival and they slave me for 3 hours yesterday and it really make me sad and make fun of me so i please help me because they slave me around please please please ban them all they really hurt my feelings
  3. Kuba123

    Vip JoinSounds

    no i just like the song ;o
  4. Kuba123

    Vip JoinSounds

    In Game Name: π“šπ“Ύπ“«π“ͺ ツ ❀ Steam-ID (64bit): e.g 76561198276907793 Song: (youtube link) Time Stamp: (Benz Truck (0:42 - 0:54) Cobain (0:27 0:39)
  5. Kuba123

    MG and JB KTAN!

    what is ktan and how do u win for jb
  6. Is there a possible way you could fix !vipmenu
  7. Add back vip songs! As they were annoying before. Would there be able to make a plugin to disable the music for when a VIP player joins.
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