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  1. Happy Birthday Delta3D!

  2. I think the rules need updating then as it doesn't specify it being about a certain topic
  3. Lounge sectors will be in chronological order. (sry anti weebs) Lounge will contain more Sectors for real discussions and no “wat is ur bestest soccerteamXDDDDDD” shitposting. That part xD
  4. Delta3D

    let's play a game

    which keeps erecting
  5. Well if it's got that many rare patterns, what are you waiting for. That thing will sell for hundreds
  6. Slightly resembles Zebra as you can see with the shape at the top of the blade, other than that. Nothing that I can see! D:
  7. Don't get an SSD. You can save money and spend it on other components or even peripherals. If you want a good speed with good storage (2tb or so) Get an SSHD (Solid State Hard Drive - Also known as a Hybrid drive). They're faster than any regular HDD, offer the same storage, and are much much cheaper than an SSD.
  8. The replay bots take up a lot of server resources if I remember correctly.
  9. Delta3D

    gimme help

    My family has an S3 Sportback
  10. Delta3D

    gimme help

    Hmm, you have an Audi S3 (car) or Samsung S3 (Phone)??
  11. So..... Cities: Skylines is pretty fun?
  12. This would be highly awkward to do since when it isn't a course map, well, it just wouldn't work. + It would take extremely long to map out the start and finish zones for every map and making it work together with re-spawning etc.
  13. I started of being a Silver 4, then I went inactive etc, got my rank 'removed' so they call it. Then when I started playing again I got from Silver 4 - GN1 Within a day, then from GN1-GNM within 3 days Then I was at GNM for a looong time (1 month ish) and I am now a MG1
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