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  1. All credits to you, since I haven't actually done a single thing xd
  2. Changed formatting CT Rules: Removed: If T's are blocking the exit of armoury meaning CT's can't leave without baiting they are allowed to remain there until the T's move out of the way. Added: T’s are not allowed to camp the entrance of armory in order to block CT’s from exiting. Doing so will make the T a rebeller. Added: All ct’s should be actively attempting to contribute to the round’s progress. Changed the vent rules to: CT’s are not allowed to vent camp and cannot rush through the vent whenever they please. If they have been made aware that a T is in a vent by seeing them, or by seeing an empty cell with an open vent are they allowed to rush it. After 3 minutes on the round time has passed, ct's may rush vents at all times. Added: If you are ordered a command that is either impossible, or (in)directly kills you, you are to ignore it and keep you should keep following the warden's previous command. This includes commands that involves doing an action which the warden has restricted.
  3. Jailbreak Removed: jb_airforce_basic_v0-2b Thanks @Starfall <3
  4. Earlier today I saw 17 people on whilst the map was princess, don't really think this is a server-side bug?
  5. Jailbreak Added: jb_kanker_v3 Fixed Secret Extended Pool Fixed chat spam Fixed Dropdown Door Moved 4 Colors button Removed: jb_kanker_v2 jb_princess_sky3d @Pankrakles tyy
  6. Jailbreak Added: jb_kanker_v1 jb_kanker_v2 Moved Gas Chamber Made more space in cell area Fixed Climb TP Fixed CT area in Climb Added a new secret Removed: jb_kanker_beta_02
  7. Jailbreak Added: jb_airforce_basic_v0-2b jb_bigmt_b2 jb_cell_indicator_v1 jb_kanker_beta_02 jb_moti_fix2 Removed: jb_canceris_betav3 jb_cell_indicator
  8. Jailbreak Added: jb_battlements_final_1 jb_neon_mansion_v2-2 jb_sky_block jb_tango jb_valerian_final (Thanks as always @Pankrakles) Removed: ba_jail_futurouta (crashes server)
  9. Jailbreak Removed: ba_jail_maxsecurity_v1d
  10. Both maps removed from the nomination list for now. Will look into it to find a fix.
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