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  1. "I want to apply for moderator, what do I do?" Read through all the rules and requirements to become a moderator. Then you will need to copy and paste the blank format below and fill it in. Please ensure you take your time and answer all questions in as much detail as possible. If you rush the application we will notice and it may affect the results. Good luck. Requirements You must be 16 years or older. You may apply at 15 years old if you have 3 admin recommendations. You must speak fluent English. You must be mature. When submitting your application, please click the button once and wait. You must have at least 5 days connection time totaled for the DarkRP server. You must not have been warned for 2 weeks, nor had a ban/kick (exceptions can be made) to make an application. (This does not include non-serious punishments) You may not blatantly copy any answers from other applications (Pretty much a given). Basic knowledge of ULX is required Format: Failing to follow this format will result in an instant deny. You can reapply in a month if you were denied. Name: (Your in-game name) SteamID: (Your SteamID found here (https://steamid.xyz/) Discord tag: Age: What is your playtime on the server?: If recommended by an admin(s), post who: Do you have previous admin/moderator experience?: (Please describe any experience you have, if you have any) Have you/will you donate to us?: (Did you ever donate to us in any way?) Write a brief description about yourself. Why do you want to be a moderator for our server? Why do you think you would make a good moderator? Anything else you wish to add? Scenario Questions Q) A player is being reported for micspam and being annoying. What would you do in this situation? A) Q) Once you have issued a mute/gag, the player asks you to remove it, with the claim its his first time and won't do it again and gets backed up from most of the trusted players on the server, what would you do? A) Q) You answer a report, and you're told that someone is writing racial slurs in chat, or someone is saying racial slurs on their mic but no one has a screenshot or a video. What is your response to this? A) Q) You join a server and notice one of your fellow admins are abusing their powers, How do you react? A) Q) You are spectating players, and you come across a player being fishy (cheating). What do you do? A) Q) A player on the server is impersonating another staff member and tricking people. What is your response to it? A) Q) Instead of complying with what you said above, they begin to insult you either on the server or through a steam chat. What do you do? A) Q) You are watching a player that you believe is exploiting the map/game, but you are unsure as to whether it is an actual exploit or just part of the game. What do you do? A) Application Scoring Admins will vote with +1 or -1 which will help validate your endscore, but the final decision is made by the hierarchy. Comments Please remember that your application can take up to two weeks to be accepted. We want dedicated players that are here for the long term, and so this is a general waiting time. Requesting that we accept your application before this time will not speed things up and will most likely hinder your application.
  2. "I have been banned, what do I do?" You have been banned from Extreme-Network. Most likely you are here because you think your ban was unfair. Do you think your ban was unfair? Then please continue reading. If your ban was 12 hours or above, then you may appeal the ban. You can do so by using the format at the bottom of the post. But wait... there's more! As soon as you post your topic, it will not be visible yet. It will need to be 'approved' by one of our staff members. Please do not double post your ban appeal, as we need to manually review them! The format: Your Discord name and tag (if you have it): Your in-game name: Your SteamID: (Find this on https://steamid.xyz/) Which admin banned you?: (Find this in your ban reason when you connect to the server) What is the ban length?: (Find this in your ban reason when you connect to the server) Why were you banned?: (Find this in your ban reason when you connect to the server) Why should you be unbanned?: (Explain to us why you think your ban was unfair. Tell us what happened and include as much detail as you can. Some things that will greatly help you are: proof of your innocence, date and time)
  3. Hello all, After Jailbreak's relaunch I have noticed a few people getting confused with a few new plugins added so I decided to make this post to clear some things up for people. Black Market Black market is a plugin that allows players purchase weaponry, ammunition, drugs and other miscellaneous items for a fixed price. You start off at tier 1 and can slowly progress your way through the ranks, allowing you to grain money as you do so. You can gain money in the Black Market by either killing CTs, Laundering contraband or just finding it. The two most important commands are !contra and !launder, !contra will allow a player to sell all their stashed contraband in return for contraband cash, if you have contraband cash it can get raided/found by the guards so you have to make it laundered money quickly. To launder your money you use the command !launder, this will take 'x' amount of your current contraband money and turn it into a balance. This balance is what you can use to purchase weapons, drugs and other items with. VIPs receive 2x the balance when killing a CT, have a higher chance of gaining more cash when laundering and have a reduced cost when purchasing items. *Input Bagouts Section here* Last Request Similar to the old one, but every time you choose an LR there will be an options menu with the options there, please be aware that you can still add on extra rules to your lr by typing them chat before the lr starts. CTs now keep their weapons after an lr. VIPs also keep their weapons after an lr (if they had any before). Can abort lrs by doing !abortlr (staff can do this to abort players lrs, players can do this to start a vote between each other to abort the lr. Cosmic Combo This is a new lr, the aim is to hit a sequence of keys correctly, the fastest player wins. The keys display on the screen however if you hit a wrong key you will be punished (either regeneration of keys or death depending on what the T chose). (admins can do !sendlr for new players that are new to the lr system)
  4. Hello Gamers, Yes you heard correctly, Jailbreak is re releasing. With the re release brings back an old favourite just for you OGs, a certain plugin made by Pruppet himself. We will also be releasing with our own custom made LR plugin so hope you enjoy that ;0 Friday at 8pm Jailbreak will open, upon opening there will be an instant KTAN so below vote on the three maps you would like to see. Same rules as always, all staff will go on ct and then players will attempt to kill the staff members. The player with the most score at the end of each map will receive Jailbreak VIP for one month, the winner with the most overall score at the end of the three maps will receive global helper (upon approval from leadership)! Along with maps, put in anything old/new you want to see in and we will look into adding it ❀️ Hope to see you all there
  5. Surf Combat: Shop Additions: - New [VIP] Arm custom models - New [VIP] Awp weapon models - New [VIP] Knife weapon models Other: - Re added [VIP] tags
  6. Jailbreak: Updated Jailbreak games a bit, fixed the Bhop Combat game Fixed VIP Armour, removed the optional menu. Unfortunately this clashes with custom arms on the store so I am looking into this :/ Fixed Jailbreak Ratio Please keep posted for events and such, I will be reopening the server tomorrow at 12pm and between the time of 12pm-5pm I will be giving away 1 month of discord Nitro Classic and 2x 1 month of Jailbreak VIP (all coming from my pocket) so make sure you're active :D
  7. Don’t you ever say that about Riri ever again
  8. For some strange reason these retards decided to make me Jailbreak server leader? I guess I actually have to do something now :/ After some perc 30's, coffee and a wank I actually brain stormed some ideas for the server so to keep you guys in the loop here's what's up! I am in the process of re coding the whole games plugin Looking into a new Black Market Re coding Tags plugin Non over powered gangs (Maybe?) Making my own maps and player models :) A lot of this shit takes some time so please be patient ladies I do hope I can live up to the amazing example set by the best server leader of Jailbreak like ever, my superstar, Riri (Sorry @Zeroh) I've also set my timer for 1 month when I can go inactive and wait for demotion Please keep posted though, updates are on the way!
  9. Jailbreak: Store: - Significantly lowered download times for new players, removed hats/masks as they were unused and a lot of custom models - Custom arm models (to lower download time) are now for VIP's only General: - Fixed custom arms... properly. No longer any invisible arms with the arms fix. - Removed a bunch of now useless plugins (Bye bye Instincts Pipeline force gun plugin :,( ) - Optimised a bit inside of games and Jailbreak core, made a bit of stuff easier for future server leader of JB (Whoever that may be) All Servers I am still working on new Join Sounds for VIP's, it takes quite a while as I have to edit all the songs and shit so please be patient :,)
  10. Jailbreak: Added a speed meter to the 'Bhop Combat' Games day, also if you're travelling below 350 units of speed on the day you're unable to do damage Added a new plugin for Open/Closing cells without using the cell button https://extreme-network.net/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6048-jamies-plugins/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any ideas for the server then please feel free to put them in my pm's on discord @Jamie#0238 or alternatively just make a suggestion post inside the discord or on the forums πŸ˜„
  11. Massive Jailbreak Update Some of you may have noticed, for the past few hours Jailbreak has been down. I carried out some massive updates on the server, completely changing around the core of the gamemode. Listed below will be all updates to each plugins. Jailbreak Core - Not much changed here, this basically manages a mute for non-vip's for the first 30 seconds now. Jailbreak Warden - Updated to a newer more optimised plugin Jailbreak Ratio - Same as above Jailbreak Games - This is the biggest change I made, I added a plugin that @Norm originally made but I reconfigured + coded onto to make it much better. The game list has now changed so these are all the games now: Warday HS Warday Hide And Seek Hunger Games HS Hunger Games Deagle Day Awp Day Bhop Combat Scoutz Knivez NoScope Day Granade Battle 35HP Knife I added many features to this plugin, like the ability to block anyone from getting medic. This means on days like Grenade Battle and 35HP knife, you will not be able to get medic. The way credits are awarded for the winner is as follows, Winner(W)" receives 500(π‘₯) credits per player(PC) on the server so W receives π‘₯ * PC. If there are 10 players on the server the winner will receive 5000 credits. I am in the process of re coding the entire Games plugin with Cvar and Translation support but for now this one will be on the server. Shop Changes: I sorted categories inside of the shop a bit and also fixed arm models. The arm model fix is nowhere near perfect so if you don't have a custom players model selected it will make your arms invisible. While I look into fixing this I have added a section to the shop including two free CT and T skins! I only added this to Jailbreak at the minute as a test but if it receives good feedback I can look into adding elsewhere! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any ideas for the server then please feel free to put them in my pm's on discord @Jamie#0238 or alternatively just make a suggestion post inside the discord or on the forums πŸ˜„
  12. Surf Combat: Removed EasySpawnProtection + The old FFA plugin and replaced with my own one. Spawn protection is now no longer bugged and it's tested and works, this plugin I made comes with Cvars, sourcecode is below if you want to look at it
  13. All Servers: Added VIP chat To access type "!vc <Message>" Or alternatively "/vc <Message>" Jailbreak: Fixed ct Armour, CT's now receive 100 Armour/1 Helmet on spawn
  14. Only a small amount of help
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