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  1. Sure. What's the best concert you've been to?
  2. Ye I was hoping this thread would be more serious. Joined early last year. What is your favourite chocolate bar?
  3. This game basically consists of somebody asking a question which you then answer, then you post a question for someone else. Easy. I'll start. What's your favourite food?
  4. Usual bands I listen to e.g. Waterparks, Grayscale, As It Is, Creeper, With Confidence etc
  5. So I'm going interrailing in the summer and still haven't got an idea of everywhere I wanna go. So what are some really nice places in Europe that you've visited?
  6. DonnyFatto

    HS2 opinions

    waste of money. like some politicians have said just make railways where there aren't any atm like oxford to Cambridge which was supposed to start in like 2013 but hasn't really also funding a free bus pass for under 25's would be good
  7. DonnyFatto

    rate this fit

    I have seen the above image before
  8. damn thats a shame please do share what you have though
  9. I got some red checkered vans and some crappy Adidas trainers i don't like but wear all the time.
  10. nah was too busy watching love island
  11. I'm trying to revive the forums
  12. I'm personally not. Ebola had a 90% death rate and this virus has a much lower death rate. Also once people will recover their body will be prepared so that they don't get it again. I learnt that from GCSE science. All of our world leaders are working hard to contain the virus and make sure it doesn't spread more.
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