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  1. SHHHHH you shouldnn't be telling anyone else XD .
  3. Suck A Big Fat Noodle
  4. if possible can someone make a video so it will be more detailed for Schwarz and the rest who are trying to fix this problem. As normally for such problems words are enough but now they have tried to fixxed it but still not working properly enough it's maybe a better idea to watch it through a video or smthing ?
  5. don't know if you have noticed but there are some kinda bots going what give reports 2 idk how it trulyy works but people goteven innocent banned for griefing O_o
  6. no no no no no. If you are full premade you can't even fully troll these days anymore for the chance to getting banned....
  7. both are getting retarded these days lmao. but CS:GO got my attention more then any cod game, Even tho i have played cod it became a shit game further then mw3. CS:GO these days suck aswell but more fun to kinda troll (now watch out for ban )these days valve fuck up our gaming life ^^
  8. jesus christ mister Juandeag is back lol
  9. it;s my van of my pc even tho i got watercooling it keep making so much sounds
  10. was playing once again some competitive and bought the lovely deagle the first round of the game. then this happens LMAO (sounds are bit bad through recording ). ended with a score of 75 points 34 kills 7 assists and 10 deaths. Included this game some zeus trolls ^^
  11. nigel


    Everyone love to troll once in a while or you love to troll on a daily basis. If you have nice troll sessions or see some nice trollsesions don't be afraid to drop them in here. I love to have a laugh bout that <3
  12. and otherwise here for the rest who can´t find it
  13. nigel

    Earbuds under 30 EUR

    Rip I had simelar like those but they died within 4 weeks with me XD i did nothing wrong tho but suddenly left earphone was not working anymore XD
  14. nigel

    Earbuds under 30 EUR

    Ahh You are awsome thank you m8 <3
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